A New Year, A New Calendar!

After a busy 2018 the Centre releases the new calendar of events for the coming year. The creation of the calendar involves guests, facilitators and the Centre Management Team: while putting it together we review topics, invite suggestions and consider what is happening in the wider world. We regard the calendar as a central feature of the Centre and in line with its intentions. The events settled upon are intended to promote deep inquiry and reflection among all those who participate.

The Centre wishes to welcome new participants every year, thus allowing Krishnamurti’s teachings to reach the widest possible audience. Highlights from the 2019 calendar include: the Young Adults Retreat; a five-day dialogue retreat on Loneliness; various foreign-language retreats.

The Young Adults Retreat invites to the Centre a younger and often new audience, who are interested to unravel some of the fundamental questions and challenges of the 21st century. Participants will be encouraged to look at their own lives in the context of the group and what we share as humanity, with dialogue as a central pillar of this exploration.

After the first five-day retreat focused exclusively on Dialogue, the Centre is promoting a second such retreat, this time with the topic of Loneliness. During the last five-day retreat, participants were prompt in questioning and reflecting on their own lives. Once more we propose to create a space for deep listening and compassion in order to explore our experience of loneliness and take our understanding of it a step further.

Since it opened, the Centre has always welcomed guests from all over the world. In close collaboration with the different international Krishnamurti Committees, we have for a number of years been organizing group retreats in foreign languages. These are growing in popularity, allowing as they do, for guests to visit the Centre and have a dialogue retreat in their own language. For many, especially those not fluent in English, this is a unique opportunity to visit the Centre and immerse themselves in the special atmosphere it offers.

Download a PDF of the Programme of Events for 2019 or you can visit the Centre website here