For the price of a cup of coffee

What does a Brockwood bursary mean to the student who receives it? Well, it is probably the difference between attending Brockwood and not attending Brockwood. And what value has that? Well, as an alumnus or an alumna of Brockwood, you are probably best placed to answer that one! Did the School make a difference for you? Did it change your life and would you like to see it change the lives of other young people? What would you pay to see that happen? Well, how about the price of a cup of coffee?

Zivan, a student from the very first years of the School would like to see all Brockwood alumni forgo a cup of coffee (once a month) and instead give that money to The Alumni Fund. He has done it himself, and a bit more. If it were to happen, The Alumni Fund would be £56,000 better off at the end of a year. That could make the difference between quite a few young people either coming to Brockwood, or not coming to Brockwood.

Perhaps you were one of the alumni that helped us start The Alumni Fund last year. To mark the launch of the Fund, all the money alumni donated was then matched by generous donors 2:1 meaning that the Fund totalled £33,000 at the end of its first year. This meant we were able to offer bursaries to two students, a boy and girl, who would otherwise not be attending the school. In addition, we set aside around £8,000 (25%) of the total money raised to offer as a bursary to the child of an alum. This has yet to be awarded and will be cumulative if it is not. If you are considering Brockwood for your child, you are welcome to apply for assistance from this fund.

Please give to The Alumni Fund this year and let a young person get the same benefits you got from a Brockwood education. You might be surprised, it might feel even better than a shot of caffeine.

Donations can be made online at

A message from some grateful parents

“In spite of our deep interest in the teachings of Krishnamurti and the motivation of our son to join your school, all our efforts to gather such an amount of money would have been in vain without this decisive help from The Alumni Fund. At once everything becomes possible and we have the courage to go and find solutions to finance the remaining amount we have to pay… After having benefited from this bursary for our own child, we hope to be able to contribute in our turn to your funds and support your action”


Dear old friends, dear alumni,

Bill has been picking on me lately to get my homework done and complete this letter. That’s staff for you – no different to what they were in our time. You will remember it: 10 pm and off we had to go to bed; much too early of course! If one was caught missing the Morning Meeting due to a late night with friends, you’ll recall – if you’re a 70’s and early 80’s alum – being invited to a ‘discussion’ with Dorothy (the first Principal of Brockwood) in her office...grrr. She was exceptional, loved us all very much, but we saw a different side to her passion when she found us breaking the rules. Rules, rules, rules! They seemed so unecessary back then, but many years later and having two lovely (but naughty) daughters, I’ve finally realised their importance for living in this world.

Let me pick up on the state of the world. It is much worse than I could have imagined through my young naive eyes. It seems to be all built on lies – one cannot trust any source anymore. The endless wars, plundering of Africa, the Middle East, refugees... All so unecessary and all part of a chess game played by the powerful who excel at exploiting the fears and prejudices of others. In the light of all this, K’s teachings are a great treasure and as far as I can see they contain the key to the ‘only revolution’, which is the transformation of the mind. Without the profound revolution K talked about, the world is doomed to stay in complete chaos, notwithstanding tremendous technological advances. Some of us will recall a discussion in the library in 1970, where Krishnamurti asked Sarah, a fellow student, ‘Can you live that way?’. This profound question, captured in the film of the same name, is one we must still put to ourselves and keep alive for the sake of the children of this world.

I personally feel very much indebted to having had a fantastic 7 years at Brockwood in the 1970s. You all remember the wonderful grounds, the fields, the woods and, while one cannot survive without the academics, Brockwood has the surroundings and the peace that enables learning to be a joy. My education there helped me successfully tackle two university degrees (Biology and Medicine) and realise a great vocation as a physician, treating patients with homeopathy: the Mercedes of medicine as I like to call it (you may be interested to learn that K had homeopathic treatment most of his life and at one time from the famous Dr. Pierre Schmidt of Geneva). I feel it is our duty to give the young the chance to discover the real treasure at Brockwood which is the invaluable teachings.

There are around 1600 Brockwood alumni and if we all managed to give £3 pounds a month – about the price of a cup of coffee – we could gather over £57,000 pounds for The Alumni Fund each year. All of that money would go towards student bursaries. Imagine how many students from around the world would get the chance to learn at Brockwood with such a sum. Even an ocean is made up of many small drops. Are we prepared to add our drop to do this? Let’s drink one coffee less each month, do our health the world of good (caffeine is a silent killer by the way) and give the young an opportunity to learn profoundly about life, love, fear, anger, endless conflict and jealousy, all at our second home, Brockwood. I am sure it is an easy


With love from your friend Zivan


Donations can be made online at or by filling and returning the attached leaflet