£210,000 raised as Annual Appeal is double matched.

Brockwood Park School

In May we launched our Annual Appeal under the heading ‘30 Years On’, marking as this does the 30th year since the death of Krishnamurti. The Appeal was intended to take stock of each of the four departments at Brockwood (Krishnamurti Foundation Trust; The Krishnamurti Centre; Brockwood Park School; Inwoods Small School), to highlight what has been achieved over the past three decades in each and to summarise their ongoing activities. All of these departments are to some degree dependent on donations for their important work and the Annual Appeal is the most critical time in the year for finding these funds. To further add to the special nature of this appeal, we had a generous offer from several friends of Brockwood to double every donation given during the period of the Annual Appeal, up to a total of £70,000.

We are delighted to be able to announce that the combined donations of all departments during the last three months has now exceeded £70,000 and taking into account the double match offered, the total funds raised during this period now exceeds £210,000. This comes as a tremendous boost to the far-reaching work that goes on at Brockwood and we are immensely grateful to all who have assisted by making a donation, and to our friends who offered to match these.

The Assembly Hall

In a statement in 1983, Krishnamurti said of Brockwood, “It is the only centre in Europe representing the teachings, which are essentially religious.” As such, Brockwood is a unique and vital place, needing wide support in order to flourish. The teachings have never been, nor will they ever be, popular, so for those of us who do recognise their value it is essential that we assist in looking after the one place in Europe that represents and stands for them. Thank you for your help!

Donations for the Annual Appeal 2016 are still welcome to boost our reserves and can be made at:

“The future is your responsibility.”