Annual Appeal 2017

Globally it has been a turbulent year with many alarming political, economic and social events. ‘Your house is burning’, Krishnamurti said on many occasions, referring not just to the outer, but to the inner world as well. In the light of his teachings, and to help bring about much needed change, Krishnamurti created foundations, schools and retreat centres. He regarded Brockwood Park as the only centre of its kind in Europe and in this, our Annual Appeal 2017, we ask you to help us ensure the future of this critical endeavour.





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You are facing great dangers, great disaster, your house is burning and you can’t shut your eyes; you may want to, but your children, your grandchildren are going to pay for what you are doing now. You cannot come upon that which is nameless, timeless which is the very essence of beauty and love, if you have no order, beauty and love in your daily life.
Krishnamurti in India, 1974-5




To help bring about the changes he spoke of, Krishnamurti created foundations, schools and retreat centres. He regarded Brockwood Park as the only centre of its kind representing the teachings in Europe.

Through its four centres of activity Brockwood remains vitally concerned with the preservation, exploration and sharing of those teachings.

Please help us ensure the future of this critical endeavour, by donating (below) to the Annual Appeal today.


Krishnamurti Foundation Trust

is not a religious organisation but an educational charitable trust that exists to preserve and make available Krishnamurti’s teachings. The Foundation maintains an extensive archive of Krishnamurti’s original works and is actively engaged in publishing his teachings in various forms. The latest initiative, Free To The World, will see all of Krishnamurti’s video recordings released on YouTube by June 2017; over 2000 subtitles in 30 languages are available.

The Krishnamurti Centre

in the peaceful countryside of Hampshire, offers a quiet retreat for those wishing to study the teachings of Krishnamurti. Guests come from around the world to make use of the Centre’s collection of Krishnamurti books, audio and video recordings, to participate in dialogues, to enjoy the special atmosphere of the Centre and to walk in the surrounding countryside: part of the South Downs National Park. Both day and residential guests are welcome.

Brockwood Park School

was founded in 1969 by Krishnamurti and is deeply inspired by his teachings, which encourage academic excellence, self-understanding, creativity and integrity in a safe, non-competitive environment. A Brockwood education goes beyond more traditional kinds of learning. Not exclusively academic, its mission is to help students learn the art of living, bringing together aspects of learning, sensitivity, open-mindedness and self-reflection, that are too often ignored in education.

Inwoods Small School

is situated on a charming property surrounded by trees, close to Brockwood Park. It operates as a local day school for children aged five to eleven, offering an educational approach inspired by Krishnamurti’s teachings. Inwoods provides an environment that nurtures sensitivity and encourages inquiring and attentive minds. Creativity and questioning are key elements in an Inwoods education, as it aims to keep alive enthusiasm for academic as well as non-academic activities.


Krishnamurti with students at Brockwood Park, 1970. Photograph by Mark Edwards. Copyright Krishnamurti Foundation Trust.


Brockwood must be a place of integrity, deep honesty and the awakening of intelligence in the midst of the confusion, conflict and destruction that is taking place in the world.

Brockwood Today and in the Future, 1983



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The quote at the beginning of this appeal is taken from the Krishnamurti in Madras (Chennai) Public Talk 4 - Meditation Which Transforms The Mind

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