Brockwood Park Annual Appeal 2014

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Gary PrimroseDear Friends,

I first heard of Brockwood Park when working at an international boarding school in Saanen, Switzerland in the 1970s. Some of the staff from Brockwood would come in early July to set up the marquee for Krishnamurti’s summer talks there. I got to know a few of them over the years and was intrigued by them and curious to know more about Brockwood. This was before I had seen or heard Krishnamurti speak.

After leaving Switzerland, I travelled overland to pursue my dream of traversing the Himalaya from west to east on foot. As a young naïve traveller waking up to the wider world, I encountered first hand the perplexing fragmentation of mankind. It was then that I really began to appreciate the depth of the transformation Krishnamurti was asking for if we humans are to live together peaceably on this beautiful earth.

I joined the staff at Brockwood in 1977 hoping that the enquiry and seriousness needed for that transformation would be fostered there. I was fortunate to have been around when Krishnamurti and David Bohm were still alive to inspire and encourage that enquiry. Neither was involved in the day-to-day running of the school but their presence and wisdom gave the place a philosophical anchor and spiritual integrity.

Since becoming a trustee a few years ago and taking a broader view of Brockwood, I appreciate even more the extraordinary work being done, be it at the Foundation offices where Krishnamurti’s work is made available to the wider public, at the Study Centre or the schools with their innovative approaches for educating the young to meet our increasingly chaotic world. To do this important work, we need your support.

Your gift would help Brockwood Park School and Inwoods Small School to raise money for their Bursary Funds; The Krishnamurti Centre to provide guests with hand-held devices to view videos, and to provide for essential maintenance of the building; and the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust to create subtitles for Krishnamurti videos to increase their audience and appeal. (Scroll down this page for more detail.)

So for this Annual Appeal I am asking you to assist us by making a donation to one, or more, of the project funds that are dear to us at the moment. Make an easy online gift now.

Thanks to the legacy of Krishnamurti’s teachings and to the people who have cared for Brockwood over the years, it continues, I feel, to be a philosophical and spiritual anchor in the world. And, of course, there is the beauty of the place. As Krishnamurti wrote in 1983, ‘...Brockwood must be a place where integrity can flower. Brockwood is a beautiful place with old magnificent trees surrounded by fields, meadows, groves and the quietness of countryside. It must always be kept that way, for beauty is integrity, goodness and truth.’

Best wishes,


Gary Primrose
Staff member 1977-1993
KFT Trustee 2010-


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Read on for more detail on the Annual Appeal priorities for each of the departments:

Brockwood Park School each year seeks to raise money for its Student Bursary Fund. We keep fees relatively low to ensure as many students as possible can benefit from being here, but inevitably we find that fees are more than many deserving students can afford. To counteract this, every year we give over £100,000 in bursaries and your support would help us to give students of all backgrounds access to a unique and transformative education. Click here to support Brockwood Park School.

Inwoods Small School wishes to start a Bursary Fund. This has been desirable for some years in order to help families who cannot afford the full tuition. We look forward to an Inwoods education becoming a possibility for a wider number of families. Click here to support Inwoods Small School.

The Krishnamurti Centre is looking for support so that it can equip the Centre with new digital devices to enable guests to read, listen to and watch Krishnamurti's talks. This would mean that Centre guests are free to watch a video or listen to a tape anywhere on the grounds or in their rooms. Another priority for the Centre is to enable exceptional repairs and maintenance to occur; e.g. recently one of the large chimneys had to undergo major repairs for a crack that caused water damage within the building. Click here to support The Krishnamurti Centre.

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust wishes to raise funds to employ a person to create English subtitles for all of Krishnamurti’s videos. Many of these videos have poor sound quality and it is sometimes not easy to understand what Krishnamurti and the other participants are saying. Putting English subtitles on the 400 videos which do not have any would mean that everyone will be able to follow exactly what is said. The subtitles also make it easier to translate them into other languages. This will make Krishnamurti’s works available to many more people all over the world. Click here to support The Krishnamurti Foundation.