Brockwood Park Annual Appeal 2015

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gisale balleysDear Friends,

The year was 1966, the place was Saanen, Switzerland, and I was a young woman, raised in a mountain village and curious about the world. I heard Krishnamurti speak on an auspicious summer day and my life was never the same afterward. Just as his teachings awakened the consciousness of thousands, something was born in that moment that breathes within me to this day. 

That day in Saanen led me to many new beginnings; to an in-depth study of Krishnamurti, to find my vocation of teaching and working with children, to new lands (India and America where I visited several Krishnamurti schools), and most importantly to Brockwood.

I came to Brockwood in 1979 at the recommendation of a friend who thought that Brockwood's culture and new way of teaching would be important for me to be a part of. My arrival there fulfilled a deep wish. Then, as now, it was a place of great beauty. The first year I worked in the kitchen helping the team and also gave some support for teaching French. In the following years I was more involved with the students.
Krishnamurti was coming to Brockwood regularly on his way to America and to India. His presence was discreet but powerful. He brought an energy and a spirit that challenged us beyond our own limitations. Then, as now, this was not a particular truth for the select few. Krishnamurti raised the absolute; i.e. the challenge of transformation. All of this brought a different dimension to my life.

It is this reality - something that is as true today as it was then - that makes me believe so strongly in Brockwood and in what is possible to create together. It is also this that made me accept immediately when asked to be a Trustee. I understood the necessity of working not in isolation, but jointly and cooperatively. It is what convinces me that supporting Brockwood in this year's Appeal is so critical and I deeply wish others to have the same opportunity.

This year the Krishnamurti Foundation would like to buy the rights for the remarkable Krishnamurti video series The Real Revolution; in the Krishnamurti Centre we have an ambitious programme to install new double-glazing throughout the building; at Brockwood Park School we are planning to replace our old oil-fired boilers with a new environmentally friendly and efficient woodchip boiler; and in Inwoods Small School we would like to make an increased investment in staff training and educational trips. So for this Annual Appeal our aim is to raise £100,000 and I am asking you to assist us by making a donation to one, or more, of the project funds that are dear to us at the moment. You need only tick the box and complete the return card in order to make your wishes clear. Or, if you prefer, you can make your gift online via
As for my own story, my interaction and involvement with Brockwood and Krishnamurti has only deepened over the years. Indeed, coming full circle to my initial experience in 1966, organizers at Brockwood asked me to put together the Saanen events. And while the tent has long since been packed away, the learning continues and the spirit of exploration lives on at Brockwood.

I would be deeply grateful were you to consider supporting Brockwood and this appeal.

With heartfelt thanks,

Gisèle Balleys
Staff member 1979-1985
KFT Trustee 1995-

P.S. Please remember to give your gift by the 30th September, which is the closing date for our 2015 Annual Appeal.


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Annual Appeal 2014: What we used the money for

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