One Third Full

Annual Appeal for 2015

The cup is one third full, as we have received close to £33,000 in our Annual Appeal for 2015 while our goal is to try and raise £100,000. The Appeal, which was launched by Trustee, Gisele Balleys, in May, is in aid of important work and initiatives within all four departments at Brockwood Park and donors are invited to choose where they would prefer their money to go. The options are:

  • Brockwood Park School: to replace our old oil-fired boilers with a new environmentally friendly and efficient woodchip boiler;
  • Inwoods Small School: to make an increased investment in staff training and educational trips;
  • The Krishnamurti Centre: to install new double-glazing throughout the building;
  • The Krishnamurti Foundation: to buy the rights for the remarkable Krishnamurti video series The Real Revolution, shot and owned by a US network television company;
  • Where Needed Most: we will apply your donation to where it is most needed.

We are very grateful to the more than 140 donors who have contributed to the Annual Appeal so far and we realise this comes at a time when many people face difficult economic challenges. The needs of Brockwood Park may seem far-removed, however, if our lives have been made more meaningful and vital, partly as a consequence of Krishnamurti’s teachings, then the value of sharing this learning with a wider audience is self-evident. Brockwood Park is at the forefront of this work in Europe and as Krishnamurti once said of the schools and centres he had established: These places must be beacons of light in an ever-darkening world. We would like your help to ensure the good work continues and Brockwood Park remains a ‘beacon of light’ and flourishes.
No donation is too small. Please remember that the Appeal closes on the 30th September and to make an online donation, or to see the video of Gisele Balleys launching the Appeal, or the Appeal letter she wrote, click here: If you would prefer to complete a donor card and mail it to us, click here: Finally, if you wish to call our Accounts Department and make a donation over the phone: +44 (0) 1962 793 851. If you have any questions about the Annual Appeal or any aspect of the work that occurs at Brockwood Park, please email us on:
Our postal address is: Development Office, Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, Brockwood Park, Bramdean, Hants, SO24 0LQ, England.