Brockwood Park Annual Appeal 2016

‘Time is the enemy’, Krishnamurti said, in relation to perception. However, time also allows us to take stock of important events and milestones. As 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of Krishnamurti’s death, it seems a natural time to assess the work of Brockwood Park, a place that he founded and loved.

At Krishnamurti’s behest, and with the help of numerous friends and well-wishers, Brockwood became much more than a school. In this Annual Appeal for 2016, we would like to highlight some of the noteworthy ongoing activities at Brockwood and some significant improvements in the last 30 years. We hope that as you consider these you will feel inspired to assist our work, so that it flourishes for many decades more.


Local day school for children aged 5 to 11, situated 10 minutes’ walk from Brockwood Park on two acres of beautiful grounds.

  • Inwoods was started in 1998 by Brockwood parents concerned about the education of their children.
  • Inspired by Krishnamurti’s teachings, Inwoods has strengthened its nature programme.
  • The ISI recently said of the Inwoods children that they “…demonstrate enquiring minds alongside joy, wonder and enthusiasm in all they do.”
  • In 2011, using natural recycled and local materials a low impact straw-bale classroom, the Oak House, was constructed.
  • Local parents enrolling their children, come to learn about Krishnamurti’s teachings via Inwoods.


A quiet well-appointed retreat centre for those wishing to explore the teachings of J. Krishnamurti.

  • Krishnamurti was involved in all aspects of planning the Centre.
  • An estimated 10,000 guests have stayed at the Centre; many thousands more have visited for the day.
  • There are many special events each year: theme weekends, Friends of Brockwood Gatherings, one day Introduction to Krishnamurti presentations.
  • Krishnamurti Committee groups from throughout Europe have regular Centre gatherings.
  • An annual saving of £30,000 was recently achieved by changing to an eco-friendly biomass heating system.


International, co-educational boarding school founded by Krishnamurti in 1969, for students 14 years and over.

  • An exciting new curriculum emphasises active, independent, peer and teacher supported learning.
  • Over 1700 students from around the world have attended Brockwood, many received bursaries, all learned of Krishnamurti’s teachings.
  • The recent Independent Schools Inspection (ISI) said of the Brockwood students “They are highly independent and self-motivated learners who develop a keen sense of inquiry and love of learning for its own sake.”
  • In 2013, seven, oak-timber-framed, eco-friendly boarding houses, the Pavilions, were completed.
  • In recent years, international conferences have been held, providing forums for outreach regarding Krishnamurti’s vision of education.


An educational charitable trust, the Foundation exists to preserve and make available Krishnamurti’s teachings.

  • The international website ( receives around 500,000 unique visitors a year.
  • More than 600 video recordings and around 2,800 audio tapes have been digitised to a very high standard for archival preservation and release.
  • Translation of Krishnamurti’s books in more than 50 languages continues; the Foundation recently signed a contract with a Saudi Arabian publisher.
  • Preparing and verifying transcripts of Krishnamurti’s talks continues with volunteers worldwide.
  • More than 1,000 new subscribers each month sign up to the Foundation’s YouTube channel and the J.Krishnamurti Facebook page, both co-managed by the Foundation.
  • English subtitling of all Krishnamurti’s talks, discussions and interviews on video is well advanced.

Remarkably in this special year, we have had a generous offer from several Brockwood friends to double every donation given in the Annual Appeal up to a total of £70,000.

This means that for each £1 you give, we will receive an additional £2. If we are successful in matching the entire offer, this Appeal could bring us a substantial total of £210,000. This sum will go a long way in sustaining the vital work of Brockwood.

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