Another Learning Is Possible

International Education Conference

Weekend: 6th and 7th June, 2015, Brockwood/Winchester, UK.

University of Winchester

Forced learning is destructive. It is destructive for our children, our society, our planet. An insistent government and teacher-lead diet of tracts and facts is sapping the creativity and motivation from learners. This major conference seeks to discuss and promulgate alternatives to the pedagogy peddled by all the major parties in the UK, and by successive governments in their Sisyphean search for international pre-eminence in spurious league tables. Some of the world's foremost educational critics will open the discussion on how we might together redirect our educational priorities towards learners who are creative, integrated, thoughtful and motivated.

This conference is jointly hosted by The University of Winchester and Brockwood Park School. We feel that this is a significant step in sharing J. Krishnamurti’s vision of education and extending Brockwood’s connections with the general public, educators, academics, universities and other schools. A video of Krishnamurti will also feature at The University of Winchester.
“This conference is not intended to prescribe an ideology, method or answer but rather together to explore questions and concerns about learning and education. From this inquiry something new may emerge….”
Conference coordinator and Brockwood Park School Co-principal Gopal Krishnamurthy.

Educational Workshop

Day One features a live demonstration of teaching and learning from the renowned Harvard educator, Eleanor Duckworth (colleague and translator of Piaget), a series of keynotes from the indomitable US educational critic and social justice activist Bill Ayers, from the UK, the longstanding anti-testing campaigner Jon Berry and radical teacher educator John Yandell (Institute of Education, London) and presentations from the representatives of Brockwood Park School.

Those staying for Day Two will continue the discussion and engage in participant-centred workshops from Duckworth and others, designed to deepen understanding of alternative pedagogies.

Whatever the challenges we face, this conference proclaims, another learning is possible.
Please do join us for this event and help us by informing anyone you think may be interested in education.

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