Autumn At The Krishnamurti Centre

The poet John Keats in his Ode to Autumn, written while staying in Winchester, highlights this season as one of ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’. At the Centre we embrace the mists and colourful spells of this time as we draw up the new calendar of events for 2020.

Next year, the Centre will offer a diverse programme including residential retreats of different lengths, introduction days, foreign-language group retreats and two retreats for young adults. Regarding the latter, following a successful retreat in 2019, the Centre aims to increase visits from a younger audience, offering a weekend retreat and a five-day retreat for people aged between 21 and 35 (and those who feel young at heart). Meanwhile, the popular day events during the month – Video Screening & Dialogue sessions and Open Dialogue sessions – will also continue to be part of the regular activities at the Centre.

The Centre team is also engaged in other projects, including a redesign of our website. The new website will follow in the footsteps of the new Brockwood Park School and Foundation websites and will showcase the extraordinary qualities of the Centre, from its different facilities to the beauty of the grounds.

We are also in the midst of planning essential maintenance work to occur during the time the Centre is closed in January 2020. After a busy eleven months it is vital for us to close the Centre’s doors for necessary refurbishments. Having renovated and repainted, we will open with fresh eyes and energy in February 2020.

The programme for Centre events in 2020 is online here.