Autumn Workshop Week: a photo story

Every year classes at Brockwood Park School stop for a week and extended workshops are offered to students by visiting professionals, from a host of disciplines. As these photos convey, this year was as challenging, engaging, creative and fun, as those that went before.

Two students swing from silk fabrics during the aerial yoga workshop.

In the Movement Exploration workshop, students paired up to engage in more spontaneous movements and to discover possibilities and limits in the how the body responds to sudden stimuli.

Nils Kercher (centre) engaged with a group of students, staff, and mature students during an African Drumming session. Both Nils and his partner Kira have been coming to Brockwood for the last three years to offer African Dance and Drumming.

A group of students attempt to hold each other´s gazes without laughing during a drama exercise. Gerard Bayle, once a staff member, offers workshops annually in drama, movement, and improvisation.

Gerard and a student engaged in the act of carefully observing the other while in passing.

After retiring from Brockwood some years back, woodworking teacher, Clive Dunkley returned for a few days to offer some jewellery making sessions.

Artist Toin Adams spent a week with Brockwood students to develop a sculpture piece made from metal pieces through the act of welding. The group is pictured above just at the beginning stages of constructing their figure.

A student prepares her dry-point etching with a layer of printer´s ink. Mary Dalton, a local printmaker, led two days of etching and monotype printing.

The printmaking workshop was fortunate to experience a large printing press that was provided on behalf of Mary Dalton.

Brockwood´s sitting room transformed into a ballroom dancing studio during the Autumn Workshop Week. Students pictured above are rehearsing for a final performance.

Toin Adams and a student welding the final pieces to their sculpture piece which took the shape of a dinosaur.

A local potter, Steve Neville, joined us for the day to offer a workshop to explore techniques of throwing on the wheel.

In the workshop Sound Escapes, students pictured above played with various instruments and unconventional materials to compose various abstract sounds from the plucking of a harp, crunching leaves, to the closing creak of a gate, many sounds were explored to develop a composition for a final piece.

The week also entailed a group of students producing their own music pieces. Alumni Kris Gorski, returned to offer the group new skills and suggestions in the production and recording of their pieces.

Staff member, Olie King, poses on the south lawn during a portrait drawing session led by Nicola Durvasula.

The welding group in the sunken garden finishing that last stages of installing their sculpture piece and completing the form with willow branches.

Andrew and Gemma (father and daughter) pose for the portrait drawing session in the art barn.

The African Drumming group on the last day of workshop week, preparing and practicing their musical pieces for the final presentation.

During the final presentation, held on the last day of workshop week, each workshop group presents a element of their workshop. Pictured above in the centre is staff member Thomas Lehmann practicing with students a spinal wave movement during the Movement Exploration presentation.

Principal Antonio Autor was asked to model for the portrait drawing presentation, which entailed sketching one portrait together as a group.