In The Brockwood Beginning

Photos. Yearbooks. Postcards. Scribbled notes from loved ones.  Almost everyone has the experience of stumbling across a box or folder that instantly transports us back in time. These days we can be taken down memory lane by an old photo posted on social media. And it’s often these blurry pictures of a school group in now-outdated clothes and hairstyles that get the most enthusiastic response on social media, restarting conversations and bringing people together.

Over the past 50 years, Brockwood Park has been the site of powerful experiences and deeply cherished memories for more than 1,000 students, as well as many more teachers, volunteers, staff members and visitors. These experiences are captured in over 10 large boxes of photos, posters, schoolwork, videos and more. For many years this material has been sitting in the library vaults. While all photos and documents relating to Krishnamurti have been carefully archived thanks to the work of the Foundation (and countless volunteers), no one has yet had the time to create a searchable archive for the school.

This year, the project will finally come about, just in time for our 50th Reunion event in summer 2019. We’re putting time into digitising and cataloguing all this historic material to make it available outside of the library vaults. Over time, it will become possible to find photos of your time here and perhaps find photos that you didn’t know existed. Hopefully, some of these photos can be available online for those who are not able to visit in person.

What’s more, information about Brockwood Park’s unique educational model - starting from the days when the only compulsory subject was yoga - will be available to those interested in researching education.

Since 1969, Brockwood Park has been a radical experiment in “educating the whole human being”. With this archive, we’ll share snapshots in time from this experiment and make them available both to those with a personal connection, and those with an interest in how Brockwood Park has tried to enact Krishnamurti’s teachings.

If you have any material you think might be relevant, or if you’d like to volunteer on the archives in person, please reach out to