A Short History of the Bulletin

In 1968, following Krishnamurti’s break with Krishnamurti Writings Inc, a new office was needed to care for publishing work and to keep people informed of the dates of his public talks. Krishnamurti Foundation London, later Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, was registered as a charity for this purpose. Mary Cadogan, who had been the European agent for KWInc, became the first Secretary of the new charitable trust. She opened a small office in Beckenham near London to administer the foundation work. Mary and two assistants organised the sale and distribution of publications and recordings of the talks and discussions.

At that time Krishnamurti was mainly giving talks in California, Switzerland, England and India. In order to inform the public of these events, in 1968 the foundation published its first bulletin listing the dates when the meetings would take place. In 1984, the distribution of tapes and books was taken on by staff at Brockwood and in 1987, after the opening of the foundation office in the new Krishnamurti Centre, all of the work that had been going on in Beckenham was moved to Brockwood Park.

In addition to the speaking schedules, the bulletins often had short pieces written by Krishnamurti. He also occasionally wrote something about Brockwood Park School. Another important feature of the bulletins was the listing of the names and addresses of the many centres throughout the world organised over the years by those interested in the talks and publications. Several of these committees arranged for translation and publication of the books then being regularly published by Gollancz in England and Harper in New York.

After Krishnamurti died in 1986, the bulletins continued to publish information about presentations of video recordings of the talks and discussions. Since the opening of the Krishnamurti Centre, KFT has been including in the bulletins the dates of Theme Weekends and Study Retreats where attendees come together to study the teachings and share their observations.

by Ray McCoy

Ray McCoy retired this year and returned to live in Toronto. He first came to Brockwood Park in the early 1980s after teaching at Rishi Valley School in India. Ray worked at Brockwood Park School and the Krishnamurti Foundation as a teacher, tutor, archivist, administrator and editor. Due in part to his own wide reading in psychology and Eastern philosophy, Ray has a mature and incisive engagement with Krishnamurti’s teachings, which he is always happy to share and discuss. His intelligent and sensitive editing of many of Krishnamurti’s books helps make the teachings available to a large international audience.

A newly designed Bulletin has been released by the foundation this month. If you would like to receive it in electronic form, or hardcopy, please email: info@kfoundation.org