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“Truth, Actuality, and the Limits of Thought”
Conversations with David Bohm
Brockwood Park, UK, Gstaad, Switzerland, 1975 – Volume 1


No better friends than they
Review by Steve Smith

In his many talks Krishnamurti often spoke not to the audience en masse, but as if he were talking to each person individually, as though they might be walking down a country lane or sitting on a bench with a river flowing by. In any event, the “friendship relationship”—no superior-inferior, no master-disciple—was key to the understanding of what he was saying. When he said there was no hierarchy in matters of the psyche he meant what he said, and he practised what he preached.
Nowhere is this more palpable than in the dialogues with David Bohm. Over the course of twenty-five years they returned again and again to such topics as the nature of reality, the 'what is' of actuality, and the relationship of these two to truth. These questions form the backbone of the 1975 series now for the first time, released by KFT on two MP3 discs.
The twelve dialogues began at Brockwood in the intimacy of the West Wing dining-room, now the Study, on 18 May, continued at Gstaad and were resumed and completed at Brockwood in October. Though at times there were other participants present, it is the cut-and-thrust of the K-Bohm exchange and their genuine relationship as “dialogue friends” that illumines, furthers and deepens the inquiry. And, travelling with them, we too are transposed; we again get a whiff of that living-in-truth which helped build what’s special, and irreplaceable, at Brockwood.

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