News from the Centre

The Finnish Group

In relation to the Krishnamurti Centre, and without any comic intent, what do you think 7 Irish, 9 Spanish, 10 French and 18 Finnish people might have in common? They are all groups that have visited the Centre this year from those respective countries for the purpose of attending a retreat organised in their own language. These events have been organised by the Krishnamurti committee of the respective country, with the encouragement and support of the Centre administration. There are around 40 such committees worldwide and the Centre would like to see more of them join the trend to arrange such visits.

The Sitting Room

For someone travelling alone to the UK to visit the Centre for the first time it can be quite daunting, especially if they do not speak English. However, visiting with a group of native speakers for a retreat in your own language and staying in the beautiful surroundings of the Centre is quite another matter. Of the groups that visited this year, around half of the guests in each were first time visitors and most spoke of the positive impression the Centre made on them and of their intention to return in a year’s time for another retreat.


The Sitting Room

For the Centre these visits have the benefit of helping to increase the overall number of guests using the building, which is essential if it is to cover all of its running costs and continue to provide extraordinary facilities and resources at an affordable price. The Centre supports the visiting groups by helping prepare material used for the gatherings, ensuring the translations are available and making further arrangements should the groups wish to visit the schools or the Foundation during their stay.


The Centre

The Centre is aiming to try to increase its occupancy rate (currently at around 60%) by 20% or more. It does not wish to compromise the fundamental purpose or intentions of the building by opening it up for use by groups wishing to pursue their own interests, but is aiming to increase the number of people who know about it and who would like to make use of it for a quiet retreat in the light of Krishnamurti’s teachings.

To this end, a flyer has recently been created which is intended to be translated into several European languages. The focus will initially be on the areas that benefit from quick and convenient travel to the UK provided by the Eurostar corridor through France, Belgium and Holland. It is hoped that new and interested guests can also be found amongst the vast population of Londoners, who are just 60 miles from the Centre door.

The comfort of an easy chair

To ensure that these new guests find themselves in surroundings that help create an atmosphere of excellence, care, comfort, yet austerity, the Centre has a rolling programme of refurbishment, which has recently seen the arrival of new curtains and easy chairs in many of the rooms. In the comfort of an easy chair, in the privacy of your own room, as a guest you will shortly be able to look out over the rolling South Downs, select, listen to and watch a Krishnamurti talk, from a range of more than 100, on one of the new ipods, or ipads, due to be commissioned shortly, and explore in your own time, and your own language, your own thinking.

The New Flyer