Krishnamurti Centre Improves Access to the Teachings

by Farid Boussaha and Antonio Autor

A new user friendly audio and video directory is just one of several changes making it easier for guests to access Krishnamurti's teachings at the Centre

The new Ipad, Ipods and Tablets
Since the Krishnamurti Centre opened in 1987, we have tried to make all the Krishnamurti material written and recorded, audio or video, available to the guests. It has been a hard and expensive route though we are close to completion. The Foundation’s work has been essential over the years in providing new material and upgrading to new more efficient technologies. The digitisation project started as a response to advancements in digital technology, moving from an index paper catalogue to a digital one, giving greater availability to the Centre video system for guests.

The video digitization project is also close to completion, which means that most of the DVDs produced by the Foundations are available now in the Centre for all the guests and from February accessing this video system will be much more user friendly.
Outside the Foundation
Due to the hard work of the Foundation staff, the IT department and their commitment to making Krishnamurti’s teachings available all over the world, the number of DVDs with subtitles is very extensive, which will greatly benefit our international guests. Almost any guest can now have some DVDs available in his/her language, either in the form of subtitles or dubbed.

The project started out with a basic search engine that allowed searches to find relevant videos from keywords. It has evolved to utilise the popular MP4 format that you come across when you visit websites with videos that can be combined with subtitles. After some more work we have advanced the system to the point where guests can search through the online catalogue for what they want to watch and then also play it without changing the system, thereby simplifying matters greatly so that any user can access videos in moments, whether computer literate or not. This is how the current "J. Krishnamurti - Audio & Video Directory" came about. 

The improvements include:  

Mike works on the media room
In the Centre video room, there are now 3 Chromebase computer systems which can be used by guests to watch and search for specific material. Along with these there will be an imac which would give access to the catalogue and website as a replacement for the ktext search system.

In the meeting room, behind the Centre Reception, there is a 27" Imac with DVDs available for public use.
We also have all the DVDs that are available in the video room and meeting room available on Ipads, which guests can borrow from Reception. A great number of the audio recordings in Ipods will also be available for the guests in Reception if they wish to listen to them.

We are pleased to be providing so much of Krishnamurti’s material to guests when they come to the Centre and we are confident that the new Centre video system will greatly aid the study of the teachings.

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