What we’re doing in Development

Michael in the Development Office

Spring has sprung and as the days have grown brighter and longer, they have lit up Brockwood’s Development Office and assisted us in our ever-important ‘blue sky thinking’. Along with our daily work of spreading the teachings of Krishnamurti, helping the various departments raise their profiles, managing and operating Friends of Brockwood Park, fundraising etc, we are specifically working on;

  • The Annual Appeal
  • Brockwood/Winchester Education Conference
  • Brockwood Park School Concert in May
  • An Animation Project
  • SOAS screenings and dialogues
  • Wikipedia Pages for the various departments
  • Friends of Brockwood Park Spring Retreat
  • University Packs for students to help share Krishnamurti’s teachings
  • Pop-up panel exhibitions for display in public spaces

If you would like to assist with any of the above, e.g. taking the teachings to universities; finding venues for the poster exhibition; please get in touch. michael.ledwith@brockwood.org.uk or bill.taylor@brockwood.org.uk