News from the Development Office

Michael in the Development Office

The Brockwood Park Development Office is currently busy with the following projects:

  • preparing a mobile exhibition intended to introduce Krishnamurti’s teachings to a new audience via posters displaying the teachings in text with accompanying photos.
  • preparing new Youtube channels and content.
  • assisting London University’s School of Oriental and African sciences in with another Krishnamurti video screening and dialogue, which will be February 18th
  • assembling a Brockwood Park photograph library
  • creating a legacy leaflet
  • shooting and editing video footage of important events at Brockwood to be put online: e.g. forthcoming documentary on the 70’s Alumni Reunion due for release soon;

The Brockwood Park Development Office has a broad remit which includes: helping to make Krishnamurti’s teachings more widely known and available; assisting all of the departments at Brockwood to raise their profiles and keep the public informed of their activities; managing and operating Friends of Brockwood Park and the Friends Portal; fundraising for all of the departments at Brockwood.

If you would like to assist with any of the above, e.g. taking the teachings to universities; finding venues for the poster exhibition; please get in touch. or