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The Krishnamurti Foundation Trust was established in 1968 with the mandate to preserve and disseminate Krishnamurti's teachings, as well as to support Brockwood Park School and the Krishnamurti Centre.

The role of the Foundations was described by Krishnamurti himself when he said:

“The Foundations will see to it that these teachings are kept whole, are not distorted, are not made corrupt.”

Krishnamurti, KFT Bulletin 19, 1973

Below is a brief description of the various activities of the Foundation to fulfil its mandate.


Archival Audio Reel

The Foundation maintains an extensive archive of Krishnamurti's original works in the form of handwritten manuscripts, transcripts, books, and audio or video recordings of thousands of talks and discussions, meetings and conversations. There is also a large collection of letters, photographs and reference material about Krishnamurti's life and works.

This collection requires special techniques of preservation and the care of trained archivists. It also requires keeping abreast with changes in technology and upgrading equipment and file formats when necessary. An example of such a project is the digitisation of Krishnamurti’s video recordings, which was made possible by the donation and contribution of a generous donor. This allowed all of the Krishnamurti videos to be preserved in professional digital formats and made available on DVD and through the internet.

Archival Information Storage

In addition, the Foundation’s archive section has relied on the volunteer contribution of many interested people to transcribe, verify and make available Krishnamurti’s talks and discussions. A team of about twenty volunteers were organised to undertake this task. After a final check, this project enables the archives to have an authentic transcript of Krishnamurti’s work available for publication in books or online, and to produce video subtitles.




Book Translations

The Foundation, in conjunction with sister Foundations, is also actively engaged in the publication of Krishnamurti’s teachings in various forms. More than sixty books are in print and hundreds of video and audio recordings are already available, with more in preparation. Software has been produced containing the text of all of the published work from 1933 to 1986, along with hundreds of transcripts. An increasing number of Krishnamurti’s books are being translated, with over thirty languages available, including all major European and Indian languages, as well as Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean and Hebrew.

The Foundation intends to increasingly provide Krishnamurti text and video free of charge for interested people to access. A recent example of this is the Krishnamurti Video Collection initiative, which will see 540 full recordings made available online. Our aim is to make Krishnamurti’s entire teachings free to the world. For more information about this initiative please visit

Video Production

The Foundation also intends to publish or arrange publication of more books of Krishnamurti’s teachings in English and in many other languages. This would necessitate the contribution of editors and translators, many of whom help as volunteers.

The Foundation works in cooperation with Information Centres in the UK, Krishnamurti Committees in many countries, and the other Krishnamurti Foundations. This July Brockwood will host the biennial meeting of Committee members from around the world, so as to engage with them more closely and discuss ways to make the teachings available to more people.

The Foundation is also actively involved with the J Krishnamurti Online website project, which is an upgrade of the existing The internet and social media are increasingly becoming the main channel of dissemination of the teachings, and, with their potential to reach more people, to raise awareness of the existence of the teachings, and to make Krishnamurti’s body of work available freely to more interested people, the Foundation intends to invest more in this area.

New Krishnamurti DVDs

The work of the Foundation is also directly relevant to the work of Brockwood Park School and the Krishnamurti Centre. Dissemination of the teachings ensures that there will be more staff interested in the ethos of Brockwood Park School who will be happy to be part of this community, as well as interested people deciding to send their children to the school, thus supporting the special atmosphere and ethos of Brockwood. The work of the Foundation also helps ensure that there will be interested visitors to the Krishnamurti Centre to study and discuss the teachings and enables the continuity of the Centre in line with its main purpose and intention in future.

There are many current and future projects in the pipeline as well as the ongoing work of the Foundation, and with the intention to make the teachings available free to the world, the generous donation and contribution of interested people will become the central supporting factor of the work of the Foundation.

If you wish to assist with the work of the Foundation, you can donate however small an amount at:

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