From Around the World

The biennial International Committee Meeting (ICM) was held at Brockwood in early July. The representative of KANZ (the Krishnamurti Association of New Zealand), Kevin Gaunt, travelled further than most to be there, and the following is an extract from a report he prepared for circulation in New Zealand.

The Krishnamurti Foundation Trust (KFT) hosted a gathering of Krishnamurti International Committees in July at the Krishnamurti Centre in Hampshire, England. KANZ participated in this series of meetings with approximately 40 attendees, mostly from Europe, but also from Tunisia, Canada and Australia. The aim of the gathering was to bring people together who are deeply involved in promoting the teachings of Krishnamurti in their countries, and to share experiences and information. The meetings worked well in achieving this.


The agenda saw each of the 3 days start with the group watching an extract of a Krishnamurti talk on a particular theme and then moving into smaller groups to hold dialogues. The second half of the mornings were then dedicated to presentations. The KFT presented on the themes of Krishnamurti in the age of digital and social media and on ways of closer collaboration between the Foundation and Committees. There were also presentations from specific committees, for instance about the dialogue process and about activity in France related to their centre called “La Maison” (a lovely old house in the French countryside). Afternoon sessions focused on specific questions about new and existing ways of disseminating the teachings of Krishnamurti. One afternoon two groups were formed, one going on a local walk and the second spending time exploring Winchester, and there were two impromptu concerts held on the Saturday and Sunday evenings, with quite extraordinary talent.

Overall the international committees are staffed by dedicated people who are all facing reasonably common challenges, such as low finances, and the internal challenges generally present when people get together to work in groups trying to agree direction. The time at the ICM for participants was valuable as it enabled everyone to take a helicopter view of their committee’s activities and to look at them within the context of many other similar groups.


Resulting from these meetings it became clear that KANZ, and perhaps other committees, may be facing two key challenges, promoting the teachings successfully to young people, and involving active people in the work of committees, which often have to operate with very limited resources. [The same challenges face the Foundations too and events like the ICM, allowing all who are involved in the work of disseminating the teachings of Krishnamurti to share their experiences and learn from each other are considered important by KFT].