Harmony and Discord

“I don't think anyone produces anything of value until
it has actually got into the blood stream.” David Evans

Several years ago a legacy was left to the KFT by the partner of the artist David Evans. The KFT initially thought it had been left about 80 paintings and we then discovered it was over 200 paintings. David Evans was killed in a bicycle accident in the 1988, but prior to his death his paintings in exhibitions in London sometimes fetched as much as £1,500. Working closely with art dealer Paul Liss, we are trying to raise the profile of the artist again and to sell the art we have been given. An excellent catalogue of the paintings, with very good introductions to David's work (also detailing an interest in K), has now been printed and is available online and from the Development Office at Brockwood.

The art is now for sale and the KFT will receive a significant amount of the value of each painting. The Trustees have taken the decision to divide that money equally between the Brockwood Park School and the Krishnamurti Foundation. If you are a collector of art, or know of anyone who is, please take the time to peruse the catalogue - see the link below - or share it with others.