The Uplifting Inwoods

Every week the parents of Inwoods' pupils receive a copy of the Inwoods Weekly and as it is now mid-winter, you may enjoy the uplifting and warm feeling this recent issue generates.

Dear Parents,

We have arrived at the midway point in the school year. Today the unexpected sunshine and warmth uplifted our spirits, and along with this was a feeling of being one big family, rather than just a school. Not only do we learn together (in the traditional sense) but we live together, and through many ups and downs. The daily challenges that we face in our relationships requires more than just an interest in a place but a dedication to something much greater.

Interest is important as it motivates us to broaden our knowledge and build on our skills. But interest alone leaves one prone to being driven by likes and dislikes, what pleases the me and what the self tries to avoid. If we connect with something that is beyond interest - perhaps to a deeper sense of meaning in a place - then the right kind of dedication naturally comes. Not the dedication that is weighed down by duty and accountability, but one that is free to meet life's challenges and relationships as part of the greater whole.

Living together at Inwoods, what is that? It is the leisurely walk to school in the morning light and a moment to touch the cold beautiful ice as we amble along. It is the opportunity to sit quietly outside and listen to the variety of bird song. It is carrying out chores such as emptying the compost and cleaning dishes. It is the freedom to gaze out of the window onto the misty playground lost in thought, to lie high along a solid tree branch and picnic under the winter midday sunshine. It is the opportunity to observe emerging pond life, to grow one's food and tend to plants. It is sharing interests, playing, laughing, crying, chatting and feeling safe to feel and simply be.

Below's photos depict some of these daily happenings and invite us to consider for a moment a true relationship to a place that is beyond personal interest and gain.

Wishing everyone a restful and reflective half term break.

Mary-Ann and the Inwoods Team


Dedication to the right kind of education

"Dedication to the right kind of education must be wholly voluntary. It should not be the result of any kind of persuasion, or of any hope of personal gain; and it must be devoid of the fears that arise from the craving for success and achievement. The identification of oneself with the success or failure of a school is still within the field of personal motive. If to teach is one's vocation, if one looks upon the right kind of education as a vital need for the individual, then one will not allow oneself to be hindered or in any way sidetracked either by one's own ambitions or by those of another; one will find time and opportunity for this work, and will set about it without seeking reward, honour or fame. Then all other things - family, personal security, comfort - become of secondary importance."

J. Krishnamurti, Education and the Significance of Life

Images of the last two weeks