It’s In Your Hands

“It’s in your hands. Right? It’s in your hands, all of you.” Krishnamurti’s sense of urgency and concern for the future of the teachings, and Brockwood, is forcefully and repeatedly voiced in his final videoed conversation at Brockwood, from October 2015. This was the video that launched the Spring Gathering for Friends of Brockwood on the evening of May 13th and the same concern rounded it up two days later, when the group met to discuss the changes that have occurred in the years since Krishnamurti’s death and the challenges now facing Brockwood.

Between the first item on the programme and the last, the group of around 30 Friends, from as far afield as Spain, France and Switzerland, got to know each other better and learned about Brockwood, on what proved to be a fresh, sunny, spring weekend at The Krishnamurti Centre. On Saturday and Sunday mornings respectively, the final two talks from the remarkable series of public meetings that occurred in Saanen in 1977 were screened and were followed with a dialogue around the themes addressed in each talk. On Saturday afternoon many participants chose to go on a brisk walk to a nearby bluebell wood and in the evening there was chance to meet with students and staff in Brockwood Park School to discuss life there. Following supper in the School, everyone attended a special concert prepared by students and staff for the occasion of the Friends Gathering.

All of the Friends of Brockwood Park are in some way contributing to the activities and upkeep of Brockwood, therefore an effort is being made to provide them with an understanding of the workings of all of the departments here. The two Friends Gatherings each year (in the spring and autumn) allow Friends, Brockwood staff and students to get to know each other better and to explore and inquire together in the spirit of the teachings. The following comments made by participants in the Gathering help illustrate this:



“Another memorable and lovely gathering meeting friends who shared their love for the Centre and the teachings. The open and sometimes challenging dialogues and the open sharing of the achievements and current situation [at Brockwood], 30 Years On, was a fitting end to a lovely weekend.”

“A sense of unity comes about which is hard to find in the outside world. For me it’s also been a welcome chance for reflection at a difficult time in my life and for communication with others who are also inspired by the teachings.”


“It was wonderful to see old friends again and to meet new people… The weekend helps to emphasise the urgency of commitment, financial and otherwise, with Brockwood”

“The surrounding countryside and gardens are wonderful and please visit the Grove, to smell and see the beauty of nature. But it is the students and staff and the people who are visiting who make this place so full of meaning.”

The Friends of Brockwood Park Autumn Gathering 21st - 23rd October 2016, Krishnamurti Centre, Brockwood Park

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