Krishnamurti died at Ojai, California, on February 17th at ten minutes past midnight California time, aged nearly ninety-one.

Nine months ago, though he sometimes felt very tired as was natural at his age, his health was causing no anxiety. At Saanen last summer he announced that the current talks would be the last to take place there after twenty-five years. He felt that he must cut down his travelling in 1986.

At the end of August he gave talks as usual at the annual gathering at Brockwood Park and in October he went to India with a full programme ahead of him. From the moment of his arrival he began to feel exhausted, to lose weight and to have fever. In consequence he cancelled half his talks in Madras and all his talks in Bombay.

On January l0th, although very weak, he insisted on returning to Ojai which involved a twenty hour flight to Los Angeles, via Singapore and Tokyo. Immediately after his arrival medical examinations were begun, but very shortly an acute abdominal attack required his going into hospital. It was then discovered he was suffering from cancer of the pancreas with involvement in the liver.

As there was no cure, surgical or otherwise, for his condition, Krishnamurti returned to his Ojai home at his own urgent wish. He was nursed by friends and round-the-clock professionals. During this time his brain was very clear, though he was growing daily weaker. Unable to take any food by mouth, he was fed intravenously. He faced death with equanimity. His chief concern was that his Foundations should carry on all aspects of his work in harmony and without authority.

On the day of his death his body was cremated without ceremony as he had wished.

This statement appeared in a special issue of the KFT Bulletin following Krishnamurti's death.