2016/17 series of Krishnamurti Screenings and Dialogues

Our new season of Krishnamurti video screenings and dialogues has had a great start. Attendance at both events has been at almost full capacity and we are seeing quite an influx of younger attendees and students. Our October event focused on loneliness and suffering and we watched a fascinating talk by Krishnamurti titled ‘The Ending of Sorrow Brings Love and Compassion’ which was the 6th Public talk Krishnamurti gave at Saanen, 1980. Our recent November event focused on ambition and mediocrity and we viewed ‘In Total Silence the Mind comes upon the Eternal’ 7th Public talk Saanen, Switzerland 1979.

Thus far the dialogues have been energetic, insightful and seemingly much appreciated as the following comments on our online meetup group page show:

“Thank you again for presenting this awesome and profoundly inspiring work. Also thank you to all the participants and for the opportunity to discuss and learn from you, it was a great opportunity to discover how the input was received and perceived from such a variety of view-points. It was particularly interesting as the group members were able to share their understanding based on backgrounds from various schools of thought. I felt a great sense of positivity and optimism after this session and I look forward to the next one!”

“Indeed! A superb and inspiring speech and a very interesting discussion followed”

“I'm very glad I came along - see you all at the next one!”

“Great to explore these concepts from different angles”

We are very much looking forward to our next dialogues. Do join us if you are in London during the events. The remaining schedule and topics for this season are as follows:

  • Sex and Love - January 16
  • Belief and Violence - February 13
  • Money and Security - March 13
  • Silence and Dying - May 15
This season’s location is Room B104, Brunei Gallery, Thornhaugh St, SOAS University of London, WC1H 0XG. The closest tube station is Russell Square. Attendance is free and donations are welcome as the event does incur costs to us.

To stay informed please join our meet-up group at:

Or email michael@brockwood.org.uk and ask to join our SOAS mailing list.