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Can the Mind be Free of its Content

New Krishnamurti MP3 (Audio)

The Krishnamurti Foundation has released a fascinating new series of 4 public talks and 2 public discussions titled ‘Can the mind be free of its content’. These talks were recorded in Madras (Chennai), India in 1972 and explore the following topics:
Public Meetings
1. Can the mind bring about a radical change in itself? 9-Dec-1972  (76 min.)
2. Observing fear without any movement of thought. 10-Dec-1972 (60 min.)
3. Freedom, order, love and death. 16-Dec-1972 (75 min.)
4. What is religion, what is truth?. 17-Dec-1972 (96 min.)

Public Discussions
5. Why does the mind get hurt? 12-Dec-1972  (85 min.)
6. Meditation, freedom from the known, and suffering. 14-Dec-1972 (92 min.)

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