Krishnamurti's last discussion with students and staff at Brockwood Park on 29th September 1985

You can listen to audio recording here.

The following is an extract from the recording.

There is another way to inquire, to probe, to find out, to explore. Not explore into the atom, into chemistry, but inquire much more deeply. Which means that you doubt what you feel, you question what you think, why you think, why you react. Can you inquire, question, doubt? So there are several means of making the brain extraordinarily active, not merely chattering, learning, going from one thing to another. But when you study, study, when you observe, observe with all your heart and brain, everything around you. Observe what you feel, whether you love somebody, or if it is just sensation you want: 'I like to be with you because you give me pleasure, sexually, in different ways, therefore you are my friend'. So, observing requires a great deal of attention, not just saying, 'Yes, that is a tree, the leaves are turning, how beautiful', and then doing something else. When you observe, you observe, look into everything, observe your own way of life, whether you are just following some pattern, some mould you have set for yourself, which is very narrow.
J. Krishnamurti