New Pop-Up Banners

Pop-Up Banners
“The ignorant man is not the unlearned, but he who does not know himself, and the learned man is stupid when he relies on books, on knowledge and on authority to give him understanding.”
J. Krishnamurti, Education and the Significance of Life

This is one of the eye-catching Krishnamurti quotes appearing on a series of banners, five of which are due to be unveiled at the London Concert this week. Standing two metres tall, by a metre wide, three of the banners concentrate on elements of the teachings (education; thought; love and freedom) with a further two devoted to a biography of Krishnamurti and a summary of the different departments at Brockwood and their activities.

To help spread awareness of Krishnamurti’s teachings, these pop-up banners will be made available as a mobile display that can easily be exhibited in office foyers, museums, concert halls, historic buildings, libraries, schools, colleges and universities. Along with the banners, the Development & Coordination Office at Brockwood can also provide a selection of free leaflets about Krishnamurti and the teachings and the work and facilities at Brockwood. If you are interested in arranging for the banners to be hosted in a venue near you, please email us at or telephone 01962 793 820