Observing Our Motivations

Fun run in the woods

This last week of the school year had an emphasis on observing what motivates us within and without. With teachers located in learning spaces, including the outdoor playground, the children were invited to freely dip in and out of their usual classrooms as well as explore what was on offer elsewhere. This raised many questions among teachers and appeared to get the wheels turning in the heads of many of the children as well. 

Sand, an essential ingredient
Observing what the children did in this free setting was fascinating. Many spent more time outdoors enjoying the dry warm weather, playing in the new sandpit which we had made together, and interacting with each other in different ways and across wider age bands. The Redwoods group in particular were keen to complete their topic work and manage their time so that they could also enjoy the freedom to explore new territory. The Oak House and decking was a particularly vibrant place as face paints, percussion instruments and Kapla (construction material) attracted a mix of children eagerly initiating play and learning opportunities together. 
Inwoods gets down to work
During this week teachers had a taste of what it means to take a bigger step back and trust in the children’s capacity to innovate. For some children the week was challenging as they had to make their own decisions, follow through with their own projects, and understand the consequences of their choices. We felt this was a valuable learning experience for them and also for us. This observation week has informed us greatly on the dynamics of Inwoods and how the children see it and it gave us much to take into consideration when planning the new school year.
Made by us for us
I would like to thank everyone for such an insightful week and such a relaxed, pleasant and smooth end-of-year weekend celebration. Inwoods has never looked so orderly after such an event. Thank you beautiful people!

Enjoy the summer holiday,
Mary-Ann and the Inwoods team