Colin Foster, Gary Primrose and Stephen Smith have a combined residency at Brockwood of more than 50 years, and they all continue their work with the School and Centre in different ways.

Colin Foster

Former Co-Principal of the School, Colin, has the secret of life on a piece of paper in his pocket, but will he be able to share it with us? He does at least find the time to consider time itself and how physics bears out what Krishnamurti has to say about it.

Gary Primrose

Gary is a trustee of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust who worked as an educator and gardener at Brockwood from 1977 and 1992. Here he reflects on what Brockwood meant to one alum encountered in the supper queue and what a special event this reunion is.

Stephen Smith (a.k.a. Steve)

Steve joined the Brockwood school community in 1975 at the invitation of the principal, Dorothy Simmons, and here recalls many of the earliest staff and their contributions to Brockwood. He goes on to speak of the untimely death of some alumni and invites all present to take a moment of silence together to recall those that have gone.