A Long Close Look

A review of the operations of all departments at Brockwood Park is currently underway

Brockwood Park School

At the November 14 meeting of the Trustees of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust there was discussion about the increasing external regulatory obligations that require the Trustees and the Heads of Brockwood to have a better understanding and implementation of their collective responsibilities and individual roles. It was decided to undergo an internal review of the whole organisation, in order to revalidate our key objectives and agree on how best these can be achieved in the light of the new requirements, whilst at the same time achieving an optimal level of operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Brockwood Park School Painting
We were fortunate to have received an offer of assistance with a review from Nasser Shamim and Mina Masoumian, who have valuable experience in operational reviews and change management, and a deep interest in the teachings of Krishnamurti. The Trustees and Heads accepted their offer, having agreed with them that the approach that would be adopted would involve engagement with a wide range of participants at Brockwood in exploratory conversations to become clearer about the issues facing the organisation and the possible solutions. It would not involve the imposition of business models on the organisation. In order to be meaningful, the review is considering the intentions and objectives that have previously been set for Brockwood, to ensure these are still relevant and that we have an appropriate management structure, staffing and other resources to implement them.

The Centre Bookshop
The review was started in early February and is still in progress. Whilst it still has some way to go we are able to inform you of the following two outcomes which have been considered and agreed upon by Trustees and Heads. Firstly, the nature of the Development Office is changing: up until now this has been focused on making Brockwood more widely known, encouraging wider participation in its activities and on fundraising. It now has an additional internal co-ordinating role in order to ensure a more cohesive implementation of key support functions across all operational departments.

Secondly, Adrian Sydenham (currently Co-Principal in the Main School) will move into a new role, to include representing Brockwood to the outside world, not only to parents, teachers and potential students for recruitment purposes, but also to those engaging with Krishnamurti teachings and education for the first time. In support of this change, the division of the two Co-Principal roles in the main school will be adjusted to allow Antonio Autor to become Co-Principal with, among other things, special responsibility for pastoral matters, alongside the existing Academic Co-Principal. This change is expected to be implemented at the beginning of the new academic year – i.e. mid-August.

The second phase of the review is now underway and it is hoped that a release of new energy, ideas and creativity will follow as a consequence of this thorough review of the organisation.

Front Aerial View of Brockwood