Krishnamurti Screenings at SOAS

Krishnamurti Video

Our new season of J. Krishnamurti Screenings and Dialogues at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies is well under way. The video series we are showing and discussing this season is entitled 'Can We Live Together Without Conflict?'. We hope that through exploration and discussion we can further understand what causes conflict in ourselves and in the world. This remarkable series was recorded in Ojai California in 1983, and presents four public talks:


  • Thought and knowledge are limited;
  • War is a symptom;
  • Ending without any motive;
  • To watch without any movement of thought.

Our October and November events were well attended and most stayed back afterwards for an insightful discussion on the subjects. Advertising in the London Evening Standard helped make people aware of the event and we would appreciate it if you would make some suggestions for future advertisements to make these events better known.

The next SOAS event will take place on January 25th at the same location. Details are in the poster attached. For more information please contact or find our events on at

SOAS poster