Help Us Share Krishnamurti's Teachings

Given the many problems we face in the world, raising awareness of Krishnamurti’s life and work is of crucial importance. His teachings are timeless, deal with the crisis facing the world and are relevant to all of humanity. To help spread awareness of Krishnamurti’s work, we are developing a mobile exhibition of his teachings using pop-up panels which we hope to display as frequently and in as many locations as possible. These pictures illustrate what this will look like, though the exact design and content has yet to be finalised. We are writing to ask for your support in three ways.

  1. Venues: Please think of any venues in your area that could host such an exhibition. We are thinking of office foyers, museums, concert halls, any historic buildings open to the public, libraries, schools, colleges and universities. You may have other venues you could suggest. We would ship the exhibition out to you/the venue and arrange to collect it. It can be put up and taken down by one person.
  2. Content: The exhibition would potentially consist of 10 panels, 2m tall and 1m wide, printed on both sides. One panel will have some biographical information about Krishnamurti. Each of the other 9 panels will have quotations dedicated to one theme per panel. Themes such as education, love, death, comparison, etc.
  3. Financial Assistance: The project will cost £5000. We welcome any financial support you can offer. We think it will go a long way in increasing awareness of Krishnamurti and his teachings.

We welcome your comments on any particular quotations you like, or any aspect of this plan.

To comment please email Bill Taylor on or

An artist's impression of the pop-up exhibition