Brockwood Staff Retreat

Once a year, in January, staff members at Brockwood Park go on a retreat for one week to reflect and explore the teachings. We each have our different areas or responsibilities, which usually keep us busy: teaching, maintenance, editing, cooking, organising, gardening and archiving. This retreat gives us time to come together without interruption.

We watch Krishnamurti videos together. This year we viewed 'The world of peace' and 'To watch without any movement of thought', talks from 1983 which were filmed in Brockwood and Ojai respectively. We have daily dialogues, go for walks and hikes, and there is time for individual study and socialising. Staff Retreat give us time to reflect and to engage with each other in an informal setting but also to deeply explore the teachings sequentially over a series of days.

This year the Staff Retreat was held at Yewfield in the Lake District where we availed of the beautiful surroundings for long hikes together.