The Ending of Time

New Revised & Expanded Edition 

The following is written by Emeritus KFT Trustee and editor David Skitt

J.Krishnamurti and David Bohm
As Krishnamurti makes clear in the first of them, these dialogues originated in a meditative experience in Rishi Valley in 1979. Using language very tentatively to describe this experience, he said that 'the source of all energy was reached' and that he felt strongly moved to communicate this to others, since within it lay the solution of all problems. A detailed account of this experience was written by Krishnamurti for Mary Lutyen's book The Life and Death of J.Krishnamurti, p.167, and Mary Zimbalist recorded some further comments by him in her reminiscences: 'something I cannot put my finger on has happened to the body ... to the whole mind, it is not what it was. What it was, was all right, but it is something entirely different ... It is completely different, a new movement that reached the source of all energy, a sense of the absolute, of the whole universe is in it.'

By talking in the Ending of Time dialogues for the first time of the 'ground' of being and the place of the mind in the Universe, Krishnamurti was clearly carrying out his intention of passing on to us the Rishi Valley experience and its sustained effect. In so doing he could perhaps be likened to the great mystics, but he also differs from them in being outside of an organised religion and in dispensing with an inner circle of initiates to whom his teaching is confined. On the contrary the full extent of it is placed squarely in the public domain, for anyone willing to listen. He does however caution that the basic illusions of the self will need to cease for this to be effective.

Krishnamurti is already revolutionary in denying any notion of authority in religion. By placing the ultimate nature of existence on the public agenda, so to speak, and declaring its relevance to everyday life, he is even more so.

The new edition restores two dialogues previously omitted, adds two relevant discussions about the future of humanity, and corrects a number of slips and omissions in the first edition.

The Ending of Time, new edition.
Published by HarperOne, 2014, 484 pages, paperback.
First published in 1985

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