What’s Happening on the Friends' Portal?

The Portal website and Forum example

The Brockwood Park Portal is a password-protected social-networking site accessible to registered Friends of Brockwood Park. It allows you to send messages, participate in online dialogues, post events via a shared calendar and buy, sell and exchange goods and services. It avoids the excesses of larger social networking sites but has many of the benefits, and we think it is a useful and creative form of contact with others.

The Forums are the most used feature of the Friends Portal. On the Forums one can pose questions and take part in dialogues with fellow Portal users safe in the knowledge that the Forums are password-protected. Some questions which are presently being explored are: 

“Is it possible for the mind to be totally and unconditionally free?”

“What is the single most important question that we could look into right now?”

“What Is Awareness?”

If you are interested in taking part in online dialogues and are registered, then please log on to the Portal Forum and join us in our discussions.
Visit the Portal by clicking here

If you wish to register as a Friend of Brockwood Park, please follow this link.

For a video introduction to the Portal please click on the image below: