2017 Summer Work-Party at Brockwood

Brockwood Alumni 8th – 15th July / Open to All 16th – 23rd July

Summer at Brockwood

Brockwood has decided to resume summer work-parties, which occurred at various times in the past. These are occasions when we welcome people to come and work on the grounds, gardens and buildings, to help us ensure all areas of Brockwood get the attention and care they require. We provide the accommodation and food and participants volunteer five and a half hours work a day, with the remaining time given over to Krishnamurti tapes, dialogues, hikes, music-making, folk-dancing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Brockwood and one-another’s company.

The activities outside work time will be negotiated by participants, but a typical daily schedule will look something like this:


Quiet Morning Meeting




Discussion about the day


Work begins on grounds, gardens, buildings


Break for refreshments


Work resumes




K extract and dialogue, or hike


Tea and free time 




Informal music, folk-dancing, presentations, etc.


We have decided to run two, separate work-parties (see the dates above), with participants arriving and departing on the dates shown and working the six days in-between. The first week is open to the alumni of Brockwood Park School and the second week is open to all. In both cases we can take a maximum of 30 participants on a first-come first-served basis. We would welcome a few people to arrive two days prior to the first week and a few to leave two days after the last week, in order to assist with the preparation of rooms. For various reasons, including health and safety, we are unable to accept children at Brockwood during the work-parties.

If you are interested in attending either week, please write to admin@brockwood.org.uk giving some information about yourself and your work skills. We hope you might be able to join us for what we expect to be a fun, enlivening and productive time.