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The Krishnamurti Centre

This place must be of great beauty with trees, birds and quietness, for beauty is truth and truth is goodness and love.
J.Krishnamurti on the Study Centre

The Krishnamurti Centre offers a quiet retreat for those wishing to explore the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. It was designed with instructions from Krishnamurti, by the architect Keith Critchlow in 1985 and is set in over 40 acres of grounds in the peaceful countryside of Hampshire, England.

The Centre has a quiet room, an extensive library, a conservatory, video room, dining area and 19 simple, comfortable en-suite single rooms with views onto the beautiful grounds.

There is no guidance or structured activity outside the Theme Weekends or Study Retreats, and guests can arrange their own study programme, use the library, walk in the grounds or share questions and inquiry with others.

The Theme Weekends and Study Retreats are quite popular with guests. As one of them told us: “I have found this weekend beneficial. I had the curious experience of feeling that I was ‘coming home.’ Also that in some way the participants were old friends whom I knew previously. On Saturday evening I found myself in a still place. A sense of stillness, although the study was intense. It was also paradoxically relaxing. It was, is, transforming both for the group and individually.”

As Krishnamurti saw it, the “Study Centre … is the place where the treasure is…. From that treasure you can draw. You can draw your strength, your energy, your sustenance, nourishment and so on…. Here is something that is sacred… and from that everything flows.”

Krishnamurti’s hope was that the Centre would last a thousand years. That is his challenge to us. With your support, you enable the Centre to

  • keep prices at a reasonable level ensuring that all who want to can stay at the Centre to be 0n retreat and immerse themselves in Krishnamurti’s teachings
  • renovate the rooms with new curtains, chairs and carpets
  • keep the grounds looking beautiful, e.g. a new fountain and plants are needed
  • incorporate new technologies, e.g. make content available on iPads.


I think it is essential sometimes to go to retreat, to stop everything that you have been doing…
J. Krishnamurti


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