In this edition: Free To The World – The Krishnamurti Collection, £3,000 Raised for Alumni Fund, When The Party Is Over, Situations Vacant, The Reunion and more
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Mary Video
Three important things Krishnamurti said to me
The first Secretary of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, Dr Mary Cadogan was a key figure in establishing the KFT and Brockwood Park School and worked tirelessly for the Foundation for over 50 years. On the 31st May, 2014, she gave a talk at a Friends of Brockwood Park gathering, which she began by speaking about what she considered to be the three most important things that Krishnamurti had said to her. Mary died in September of the same year.

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Free to the World
Free To The World – The Krishnamurti Collection
Over the course of the last year, the Foundation released all of Krishnamurti's video recordings on YouTube. The complete collection, comprising almost 600 full-length videos, is now free to the world and can be accessed on our channel. Read more.
Alumni Fund
£3,000 Raised for Alumni Fund
The 2017 Brockwood Alumni Fund Appeal is still open and so far has raised £3,000. All the money raised goes towards helping deserving students attend Brockwood Park School, with a percentage retained for bursaries for the children of alumni. Please help today, no donation is too small. Read More.
Annual Appeal
When One Hundred Means Two
At the launch of our Annual Appeal in the Spring, a donor friend, who wanted to see the important work of The Krishnamurti Foundation boosted, made us a conditional offer of £100,000. Not wishing that we take any donor, or donation, for granted, he asked that we raise the same amount of money in donations before the end of the year in order to trigger his matching gift. Read More.
Centre News
Upcoming Centre Events
The calendar of events organized by the Centre includes a diversity of events happening throughout the year, generally at least once a month. From weekend events to day events, the Centre offers a substantial range of opportunities for guests to engage with the work of Krishnamurti. Read more.
Raising a Mind
Raising a Mind that is a Light unto Itself
The school environment is more often than not based upon hierarchical structures, the pedestal of knowledge, and the accepted power of the adult. To raise the young to be free of these destructive effects of authority we need to bring them up to be highly sensitive and aware of their own psychological movements and intentions. Read more
Work Party
When The Party Is Over
Parties generally leave you with a lot of cleaning up to do, but what happens when the purpose of the party is to clean up? Brockwood had two such parties over two weeks in July. Participants came from as far afield as Spain, France, Poland and Holland to help out and the amount of work accomplished was phenomenal. Read More.
Grow It Yourself Produce
From Around the World
The KFT recently hosted a gathering of Krishnamurti International Committees. The biennial International Committee Meeting (ICM) brought together forty representatives, some from as far away as New Zealand, for three days of discussions on how best to share Krishnamurti’s teachings with the wider world. Read More
Opportunities at Brockwood
Situations Vacant at Brockwood Park
Brockwood Park in Hampshire is home to Brockwood Park School, Inwoods Small School, The Krishnamurti Centre and the Krishnamurti Foundation. Most staff at Brockwood are residential, living and working together in a spirit of inquiry and co-operation, which is informed by a serious interest in Krishnamurti's Teaching. Learn more here
The Reunion to mark the 50th Anniversary of Brockwood Park School will occur from
Thursday 15th to Monday 19th August 2019
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The Brockwood Observer
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