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David Bohm and Krishnamurti
David Bohm and Krishnamurti: Collected Recordings
David Bohm became profoundly acquainted with Krishnamurti. For more than two decades, they took part in several remarkable series of one-on-one conversations and group discussions. The Foundation has collected these recordings and made them available for free on our YouTube channel.

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Closer to Democracy
Closer to Democracy
Patrick Chalmers worked for Reuters for 11 years where he was given global reporting assignments. Over that time, Patrick witnessed the workings of politics and media first hand, and grew dispirited with what he saw. Patrick's latest project All Hands On features short films looking at the crisis in Western democracy and real-life remedies to its problems. While working on this project he visited Brockwood Park School to share some of his explorations. Watch now.
The Challenge
Education in the 21st Century
Harmony, peace, beauty, equality, health, and vitality are qualities greatly desired in the world but are mostly approached with a movement of idealism and reward-seeking, no different to the personal drives that are causing so much havoc in society. The work to bring such qualities to the world begins by nurturing something very different in the individual mind of a young person. Read more.
Staff Retreat
Brockwood Staff Retreat
Once a year, staff members at Brockwood Park go on retreat for one week to reflect and explore the teachings. This time allows us to engage with each other in an informal setting and to refresh ourselves before the year ahead. Read more.
Maintenance Work in January
News from the Krishnamurti Centre
Over January the Centre closed for a busy month of refurbishment, maintenance and important upgrades which have greatly improved safety and efficiency. This month also gave time for the staff to take a short retreat. Read more.
Work Party
Work Party
Following on from the success of our Work-Parties last summer, we would like to extend an invitation to anyone wishing to volunteer their time and energy to help ensure that all areas of Brockwood Park get the attention and care they require. Read more
Award Winning Performances at Brockwood
Brockwood Park has long been home to world-class music and this year is no different. Two performances remain in our current Concert Series, both from award-winning groups. The Linos Trio join us March 24th, and the acclaimed Consone Quartet on May 12th. Read more
Open Day
Come for a Visit
Whether you are interested in enrollment, are interested in working at Brockwood, or have a general interest in the School we would like to invite you to the next Brockwood Park Open Day which will take place on Sat 10th March. Contact us.
Opportunities at Brockwood
We currently have staff positions available and are running Teacher Education and Mature Student programmes. For all three we are now taking applications. Read more
The Reunion to mark the 50th Anniversary of Brockwood Park School will occur from
Thursday 15th to Monday 19th August 2019
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The Monthly School Newsletter
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The Brockwood Observer
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