In this edition: Annual Appeal 2018, KFT Annual Report, Dax is Back, The Delights of Spring, At the Centre of Things and more
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Annual Appeal 2018
Annual Appeal 2018
50 years ago, on the morning of the 2nd July in Saanen, Switzerland, just prior to Krishnamurti’s second talk, an announcement was made to the assembled audience.
A decision had been taken.

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Alumni Fund
Brockwood Park Alumni Fund
Vinay Swamy invites alumni on a vivid journey through the Brockwood 'land(mind)scape' in order to rediscover what it meant to be a student here and what it could mean to help a student now.  Read more.
Annual Report
KFT Annual Report
The new Annual Report provides an overview of the activities of the different departments at Brockwood for the financial year 2016-2017. It includes a message from our trustees and pie charts illustrating the financial activity.  Read more.
The Importance of Being Earnest
Students and staff perform Oscar Wilde's 1895 play in the suitably formal Drawing-Room in Brockwood's West Wing. Watch now.
Dax is Back
Dax is Back
What is it about the Brockwood Summer Workparties that inspires a well dressed man about town to return and get his hands dirty? Find out why Dax will be back this summer to help again. Read more.
A Revamped JKO
A new iteration of was recently released. A joint effort of the international Krishnamurti Foundations, the revamped website is an exhaustive repository of the teachings in text, audio and video format, including several new informative features and links to worldwide activities.
Dax is Back
Young Adults Retreat
Following from the first Young Adults Retreat in 2017, the Centre hosts the second with an invitation for participants to discover a new way of living. On this retreat the Centre invites participants to sustain an inquiry into issues of everyday life that concern and connect us all. Read more.
The Delights of Spring
The Delights of Spring
What do blue butterfly eggs and honeydew poo have in common? Not sure of the answer? Neither were the children and teachers until, with the commencement of spring, they went on an excursion to the Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve. Read more
The Centre of Things
At the Centre of Things
The Krishnamurti Centre is concerned with attracting new visitors and guests to come and explore the teachings of Krishnamurti and its relevance in their lives. With this in mind, two recurring events appear in the Centre calendar for 2018. Read more
The Reunion to mark the 50th Anniversary of Brockwood Park School will occur from:
Thursday 15th to Monday 19th August, 2019
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The Friends' Portal
The 'Friends' Portal' has seen a lot of forum activity recently. The Portal is a password-protected social-networking site accessible to registered Friends of Brockwood Park. If you are registered click here to visit. For more info on becoming a Friend of Brockwood click here
The Monthly School Newsletter
Ever wonder what happens inside Brockwood Park School? To find out view the monthly school newsletter here
The Brockwood Observer
Brockwood Park School's magazine, the Brockwood Observer, is available to view online here
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