In this edition: Annual Appeal 2019, KFT Annual Report, Does god exist? Forthcoming Centre Events and more.
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Annual Appeal 2019
No sooner had the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust formed, than it took the bold step of purchasing Brockwood Park and in early 1969 the School started with just two students. Fifty years on, Brockwood is much more than just a school...

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Alumni Fund
Alumni Fund 2019
You were at Brockwood. You remember it. The intensity, the inquiry and the importance given to communication, to that feeling of ‘building’ the School together—creating it each and every day. Read more.
KFT Annual Report
The new Annual Report provides an overview of the activities of the different departments at Brockwood for the financial year 2017-2018. It includes a message from our trustees and pie charts illustrating the financial activity. Read more.
Our first video to reach 1 million views is Krishnamurti answering the question Does god exist? This is only one out of over 1,400 videos available for free on our YouTube channel, also offering more than 2,500 subtitles in 33 languages. View video.
Bulletin 99
The Bee, Plum and Chains of Learning
One spring morning (in 2019), as children flocked back into the Big Barn classroom from outside after snack, one of the children was softly cupping her hands together and spoke excitedly as she moved. Something precious was being brought back for the group to see. Read more
Forthcoming Centre Events
We are almost half way through 2019, but the Krishnamurti Centre still has a great many events in its programme for the remainder of the year. Read more.
School Video
Journeys Coinciding at Brockwood
As part of a three-day workshop, this wonderful documentary was made over the weekend by students Holly and Marc and Teachers' Apprentice Lorena. Watch now.
In-Depth Articles
Explore Krishnamurti's teachings through In-Depth articles on our new Foundation website. The specially selected features are updated regularly and include articles such as: The root of fear; The meaning of death; What do we mean by education? Read more.
BP 50th
Situations Vacant
Brockwood Park School is always pleased to hear from experienced teachers who have an interest in Krishnamurti's teachings. Read more
Alumni wishing to attend the 50th Anniversary Reunion occurring from 15th to 19th August this year, should sign up as soon as possible via the website. On site camping and local accommodation is still available. This is due to be our biggest Reunion so far and we would love to see you there.


The Friends' Portal
The 'Friends' Portal' has seen a lot of forum activity recently. The Portal is a password-protected social-networking site accessible to registered Friends of Brockwood Park. If you are registered click here to visit. For more info on becoming a Friend of Brockwood click here
The Monthly School Newsletter
Ever wonder what happens inside Brockwood Park School? To find out view the monthly school newsletter here
The Brockwood Observer
Brockwood Park School's magazine, the Brockwood Observer, is available to view online here
Krishnamurti Foundation Trust and Brockwood Park Krishnamurti Educational Centre were established in 1968 as educational charitable trusts. They are now registered as one charity, with the name Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd, and care for and support the activities of the Foundation, Brockwood Park School, The Krishnamurti Centre and Inwoods Small School.

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