In this edition: New Centre Video and Foundation Website, Shattering all Conditioning, Bringing back the Roses, 50 Years of the Foundation and more
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Centre Video
New Centre Video
This new video by the same filmmaker as the recent Foundation release showcases the Krishnamurti Centre. It aims to be of interest to those thinking of staying at the Centre and to regular guests. Filmed in summer and autumn, the special atmosphere of the Centre and surrounds is readily apparent.

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Audio Collection
New Foundation Website
The Foundation is happy to announce the release of its brand new website. The site has been completely redesigned and expanded. Information on the work KFT carries out at Brockwood is complemented with an extensive collection of Krishnamurti's teachings, including key topics and featured articles. View.
Roses for the rose garden
Bringing back the Roses
South of the kitchen garden at Brockwood Park School lies the remnants of what was a formal Edwardian style rose garden. Brockwood’s garden team has taken up the challenge to bring back a total of 62 roses in the hope to see this formal area live up to its original name once again.  Read more.
Shattering all Conditioning
To mark the 50th year of the School, we've included an excerpt from the book Understanding Ourselves; A conversation from 1997 between Mary Zimbalist and Mary Cadogan about the origins and intent of the School. Read more.
Bulletin 99
50 Years of the Foundation
In 2018 we commemorated 50 years of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust with the release of a special edition of our annual bulletin. It includes a feature on the Foundation's history, and the main developments and news related to our work, along with expanded Krishnamurti texts. Read it here or order a complimentary copy by writing to
The Uplifting Inwoods Weekly
Every week the parents of Inwoods' pupils receive a copy of the Inwoods Weekly and as it is now mid-winter, you may enjoy the uplifting and warm feeling this recent issue generates. Read more.
The Centre
A New Year, A New Calendar!
After a busy 2018 the Centre releases the new calendar of events for the coming year. Read more.
Audio Releases
New Audio Releases
At the Foundation, we continue to release Krishnamurti's recordings on our YouTube channel, free to the world. We recently released 20 audio recordings, including Looking at the totality of life, a series of 9 public meetings held in 1969 in Paris. See all our latest releases here.
BP 50th
Whatever happened to... you?
In our last issue of the Epost we launched the alumni questionnaire, which will enable us to create a large online snapshot of what has happened to the School's alumni. In this issue you are able to see some of the responses we have received on the new dedicated web-page. Read more
The Reunion to mark the 50th Anniversary of Brockwood Park School will occur from:
Thursday 15th to Monday 19th August, 2019
Visit the new website now.


The Friends' Portal
The 'Friends' Portal' has seen a lot of forum activity recently. The Portal is a password-protected social-networking site accessible to registered Friends of Brockwood Park. If you are registered click here to visit. For more info on becoming a Friend of Brockwood click here
The Monthly School Newsletter
Ever wonder what happens inside Brockwood Park School? To find out view the monthly school newsletter here
The Brockwood Observer
Brockwood Park School's magazine, the Brockwood Observer, is available to view online here
Krishnamurti Foundation Trust and Brockwood Park Krishnamurti Educational Centre were established in 1968 as educational charitable trusts. They are now registered as one charity, with the name Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd, and care for and support the activities of the Foundation, Brockwood Park School, The Krishnamurti Centre and Inwoods Small School.

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