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Spring 2018
Annual Appeal 2018
50 years ago, on the morning of the 2nd July in Saanen, Switzerland, just prior to Krishnamurti’s second talk, an announcement was made to the assembled audience. A decision had been taken.
Brockwood Park Alumni Fund
Vinay Swamy invites alumni on a vivid journey through the Brockwood 'land(mind)scape' in order to rediscover what it meant to be a student here and what it could mean to help a student now.
KFT Annual Report
The new Annual Report provides an overview of the activities of the different departments at Brockwood for the financial year 2016-2017.
A Revamped JKO
A new iteration of was recently released. A joint effort of the international Krishnamurti Foundations, the revamped website is an exhaustive repository of the teachings...
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Spring 2018 epost

Winter 2018
David Bohm and Krishnamurti: Collected Recordings
David Bohm became profoundly acquainted with Krishnamurti. For more than two decades, they took part in several remarkable series of one-on-one conversations and group discussions. The Foundation has collected these recordings and made them available for free on our YouTube channel.
Closer to Democracy
All Hands On features short films looking at the crisis in Western democracy and real-life remedies to its problems..
Education in the 21st Century
Harmony, peace, beauty, equality, health, and vitality are qualities greatly desired in the world but are mostly approached with a movement of idealism and reward-seeking..
Award Winning Performances
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Autumn 2017
A Chance to Talk To Friends
A special event aimed at thanking the Friends of Brockwood Park for their support was held in October, 2017 at The Krishnamurti Centre. Four short presentations were given all relating to some aspect of Brockwood life and work and to Krishnamurti’s teachings.
The Sweep of History
The guest presenter at the Friends Gathering in October was Mark Edwards, one of the few environmental communicators to have personally witnessed the global issues that are defining the 21st century.
From Body-Ownership to Selfhood
One of the world's leading researchers/ scholars on Philosophy of Mind, Prof. Thomas Metzinger, gives a Present Tense talk to staff and students exploring questions related to our sense of self, embodiment, avatars and artificial intelligence.
Magic in the Mountains
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Winter 2018 epost

Summer 2017
Three important things Krishnamurti said to me
Dr Mary Cadogan began by speaking about what she considered to be the three most important things that Krishnamurti had said to her.
Free To The World – The Krishnamurti Collection
The complete collection, comprising almost 600 full-length videos, is now free to the world.
Upcoming Centre Events
From weekend events to day events, the Centre offers a substantial range of opportunities for guests to engage with the work of Krishnamurti.
When The Party Is Over
Parties generally leave you with a lot of cleaning up to do, but what happens when the purpose of the party is to clean up?
Raising a Mind that is a Light unto Itself
The school environment is more often than not based upon hierarchical structures, the pedestal of knowledge, and the accepted power of the adult.. and there's more.... View it here

Summer 2017 epost

Spring 2017
Annual Appeal 2017
Globally it has been a turbulent year with many alarming political, economic and social events.
Brockwood Alumni Fund
What does a Brockwood bursary mean to the student who receives it? Well, it is probably the difference between attending Brockwood and not attending Brockwood.
Harmony and Discord
A significant body of work from the exceptional watercolour artist David Evans has been bequeathed to the Krishnamurti Foundation.
Ray McCoy Retires
After 36 years working for the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, Ray McCoy has retired. He will be greatly missed.
Krishnamurti Centre Events 2017
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Winter 2017
Harmony, Eternal Truths and The Krishnamurti Centre
In this video the architect of the Krishnamurti Centre Professor Keith Critchlow takes us on a guided tour of his extraordinary 'anthropos' design.
News from the Foundation
The KFT gives a summary of its mandate and recent activity.
Friends of Brockwood Spring Gathering
The Friends of Brockwood Park gathering is an event that intends to join donors and friends of Brockwood from all over the world.
Bringing Maths to Life
Using vectors and leaves Brockwood's Maths Class excitedly constructed the word Brockwood in 3D letters across the South Lawn.
Krishnamurti Centre Events 2017
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Autumn 2016
London Concert. Krishnamurti: Silence, Music and the Arts
With the aim of celebrating J. Krishnamurti’s teachings and introducing them to a wider audience an event in central London was held in September.
Designing the Krishnamurti Centre
Keith Critchlow, architect of the Krishnamurti Centre, writes about his design for the Centre and his contact with Krishnamurti during that period.
New Releases
A fascinating new series of 4 public talks and 2 public discussions titled ‘Can the mind be free of its content’....
Summer work-party 2017
Join us in July 2017 for a summer work-party at Brockwood...
What's Your Relationship With Nature?
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autumn 2016 epost

Summer 2016
War correspondent Anjan Sundaram's Talk at BPS
Krishnamurti school alumni Anjan Sundaram visited Brockwood last year and gave a fascinating talk on his journey to becoming an investigative journalist in some of the most dangerous countries in the world...
London Concert Sep 3rd & Radio
An international ensemble of musicians and performers and a collection of art for an event in Cadogan Hall...
New Releases
A new edition of the book Fire in the Mind and a new DVD’...
Pop-Up Banners
Eye-catching Krishnamurti quotes will be appearing on a series of banners...
What's Happening in the School?
Brockwood Park School now produces a sizable monthly school newsletter...
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Spring 2016
Annual Appeal 2016
Thirty years have passed since Krishnamurti's death, and in this video we mark the occasion...
Annual Report
The new Annual Report provides some figures for the year 2014-2015, and a summary of the review that has occurred over the past year...
New Book
We are pleased to announce a new book titled ‘Unconditioning and Education: The need for a radical approach’...
The Alumni Fund
The Alumni Fund is a restricted fund designed solely to assist the growing number of deserving young students...
Rigorous School Inspections
Brockwood Park School and Inwoods Small School underwent four continuous days of inspection...
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Anniversary Issue Winter 2016
Thirty Years On
With 30 years having passed since his death, Krishnamurti’s teachings are more widely known and available than ever before and the schools and centres he established worldwide are flourishing...
Last Discussion: Making the brain fully active.
Krishnamurti's last discussion with students and staff at Brockwood Park on 29th September 1985. You can listen to audio recording here...
The Outward Show
A short animation with voice-over by Terence Stamp, reading from the chapter entitled 'The Self', in J. Krishnamurti's classic book Commentaries on Living, Series 1...
Thirty Years of Learning
Ray McCoy is one of the few people remaining on staff today who was working at Brockwood in 1986 when Krishnamurti died. Here he reflects on key changes at Brockwood since that time and lessons learned...
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spring 2015 epost

Autumn 2015
Why I Sent My Children to Brockwood
Having sent her three children to Brockwood Park School, Beatrix tells us why and how that came about and what effect it had on her children.
London & Brockwood Concerts
The idea of a concert at a well-known hall in central London came about as a result of an informal discussion at the Krishnamurti Centre about J Krishnamurti`s work reaching a wider public...
The International Publications Meetings
Various trustees, directors, rights-managers and editors from the four Krishnamurti Foundations discussed topics related to printed and digital publications...
Whole Earth?
Brockwood Park Student Ying-Ji attends the European launch of Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS) at the Eden Project...
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Summer 2015
Alumni Documentary: Questions Lived
This 26 minute documentary follows Brockwood's early students as they return to the school over forty years later.
J. Krishnamurti Q&A Video App
The Q&A Video App allows users to download for free these poignant capsules of Krishnamurti's teachings, conveniently grouped in over 80 topics...
One Third Full
The cup is one third full, as we have received close to £33,000 in our Annual Appeal for 2015 while our goal is to try and raise £100,000.
Krishnamurti in Universities
Brockwood Development Office has assembled an 'Introducing Krishnamurti Pack' which we would like to share with universities. Interested parties can then more easily host their own Krishnamurti screenings...
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Spring 2015
Annual Appeal 2015
Trustee and former member of staff, Gisèle Balleys, shares the story of how she learned of Krishnmaurti, how she came to be at Brockwood Park and explains why it is important to support Brockwood.
International Education Conference
Weekend: 6th and 7th June, 2015, Brockwood/ Winchester, UK. This major conference seeks to discuss and promulgate alternatives...
Cast in Bronze
A chance visit by leading British sculptor, Nigel Boonham, has led to the rare Bourdelle bust of Krishnamurti being exhibited in London in May.
A Huge Shift
When I left the parents weekend, I had one of the best, if not the best conversation I have ever had with my sons.
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Winter 2015
Help Us Share Krishnamurti's Teachings
Given the many problems we face in the world, raising awareness of Krishnamurti's life and work is of crucial importance.
The Many Faces of India
In the early morning of Tuesday 30th December, a group of students and staff left Heathrow to fly to Chennai, to begin a tour of some of the Krishnamurti Schools of South India.
Expanded Edition
We are pleased to announce a new revised & expanded edition of The Ending of Time.
Improved Access to the Teachings
Since the Krishnamurti Centre opened in 1987, we have tried to make all the Krishnamurti material written and recorded, audio or video, available to the guests.
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Autumn 2012 epost

Autumn 2014
Mary Cadogan's Last Interview
The recent death of Dr Mary Cadogan, the first Secretary of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, has come as a great loss. Mary began working with Krishnamurti Writings Inc. in London in 1958
Brockwood Park Reunion 2014
Brockwood Park’s 45th anniversary Reunion took place in August. Alumni from all over the world returned to the beautiful Hampshire countryside for five days
Centre News
Without any comic intent, what do you think 7 Irish , 9 Spaniards, 10 French and 18 Fins might have in common?
Music at Brockwood
Ludwig van Beethoven famously said that “music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life”
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Summer 2014
Timeless Preservation
So how is it that Krishnamurti is still able to speak to us so strongly that we are inspired to dedicate a week, a year, ten years of our lives to explore what it means to live the teachings?
Annual Appeal Thank You
Trustee and former Staff Member, Gary Primrose, thanks all those who have generously contributed to Brockwood Park's 2014 Annual Appeal.
Brockwood’s parklands have been created over centuries and offer a striking ornamental patchwork that bewitches at every turn.
Brockwood Ode
Student Ewan Benoit has filmed this visual ode to Brockwood, including some stunning images shot with the aide of a camera mounted on a drone.
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Spring 2014
Annual Appeal 2014: A Message from Gary Primrose
Here, Krishnamurti is seen at Petersfield railway station in 1981, speaking with Gary Primrose, currently a KFT trustee and former long-serving Brockwood staff member. In this video Gary introduces Brockwood’s 2014 Annual Appeal.
Winter Workshops
February can be a dreary month in England. When a moment comes along that uplifts the spirit..
Centre Testimonial
Krishnamurti Centre guest Manoj Krishna recounts how he first came to visit the Centre.
Inwoods Tour
Inwoods Small School was founded in a barn in 1997 and over the years many other buildings and features have appeared.
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Winter 2014
A Light to Oneself: The Krishnamurti Centre
“Let us say that [someone] like you comes to this new Centre,” Krishnamurti once said about the Krishnamurti Centre, as it was being built. “You take all the trouble to come to this place, and for the first few days you may want to be quiet.
How We Used the Money
We have been able to do many marvellous things thanks to the generous support of those of you who donated to the 2013 Annual Appeal.
Sustained Attention, Inquiry, Diligence and Wonder
The Academic Co-Principal outlines his vision for Brockwood’s approach to curriculum, teaching, and learning.
Now, or Never
In this series of 11 newly released DVDs, Krishnamurti explores the nature of observation and fear and asks whether it is possible to live without constantly registering everything.
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Autumn 2012 epost

Autumn 2013
The Underground Movement
London underground travellers’ daily commute will include an encounter with Krishnamurti’s teachings.
Goodness: New DVD
In this newly released DVD series of ten public talks and dialogues in Ojai, 1979, Krishnamurti explores what it means to live in goodness.
Freedom at Inwoods
Krishnamurti wrote: “With the very young what is most important is to help them to free themselves from psychological pressures and problems.”
K in Russia
Foundation staff member Pedro Lopez Merino visited the Moscow Book Fair and writes about the challenges and successes of making Krishnamurti’s books available in Russia.
Open Morning
Saturday November 9, 2013, from 10am-12:30pm
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Autumn 2012 epost

Summer 2013
New Edition of The First and Last Freedom
Rider Books has just published a new edition of Krishnamurti’s The First and Last Freedom, which we are able to offer you at a 10% discount..
Annual Appeal Update
We are very pleased to announce that we have reached our goal for the 2013 Annual Appeal.
To mark the end of the school year at Inwoods Small School the whole community gathered together for a wonderful celebration.
Brockwood Park School Co-Principal Adrian Sydenham recently visited China.
A Different Revolution
Chinese interest in Krishnamurti is still growing. There are now 50 books by Krishnamurti with 10 different publishers.
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Spring 2013 epost

Spring 2013
Annual Appeal 2013: 'We all helped build it'
This year we’ve had an extraordinary offer from a Friend of Brockwood who will triple every gift we receive up to a personal cap of £300,000..
Conference: When is Teaching?
From August 16-18, Brockwood hosts a weekend education conference on teaching and learning.
The Centre
The Krishnamurti Centre features a full programme of Themed Weekends, Study Retreats, and Introduction Days this coming year.
In this never before released series of 4 DVDs Krishnamurti meets with teachers.
We asked alumna and architecture student Maryam Benoit to serve as our architectural tour guide..
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Spring 2013 epost

Winter 2013
Historical Photos Shared with Foundation
Rita Zampese first started taking photographs of Krishnamurti, the people around him, and the places he visited, at the Saanen Gathering in 1968..
Local Partnership Brings Energy Solutions
For both environmental and economic reasons The Krishnamurti Centre recently switched to using a woodchip boiler to provide heat.
The Centre
The Krishnamurti Centre features a full programme of Themed Weekends, Study Retreats, and Introduction Days this coming year.
Brockwood Park School Open Morning
On Saturday March 2, from 10am to 12:30pm.
New Release: The Krishnamurti Foundation.
Can fear be completely wiped away? Beginning with the seeming inconsistency between work and play..
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Winter 2013 epost

Autumn 2012
Welcome to Friends of brockwood Park
The intention of Friends of Brockwood Park is to build a community of like-minded people around the work that is done here.
Krishnamurti Foundation New CD MP3
David Bohm and Krishnamurti, the two of them explore questions such as the nature of reality, the 'what is' of actuality, and the relationship of these two to truth.
The Centre
Theme Weekends and Study Retreats.
Brockwood Park School
Brockwood Park School international food festival.
Present Tense
Teaching for Learning. Dr. Gopal Krishnamurthy explores the challenge of envisioning education from and for freedom.
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Autumn 2012 epost


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