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Winter 2014

Brockwood Park ePost: A quarterly e-newsletter informing you about the work of the Krishnamurti Foundation, Brockwood Park School, the Krishnamurti Centre, and Inwoods Small School.

A Light to Oneself: The Krishnamurti Centre

“Let us say that [someone] like you comes to this new Centre,” Krishnamurti once said about the Krishnamurti Centre, as it was being built. “You take all the trouble to come to this place, and for the first few days you may want to be quiet. If you are sensitive you realise there is something here which is different from your home, totally different from going to a discussion somewhere. Then you begin to study, and not only you but all the people living here are studying, seeing, questioning. And everyone actually listening with their whole being will naturally bring about a religious atmosphere.”

To give a sense of what it is like to be at the Centre we’ve created a short video, filmed by Brockwood Park School student Ewan Benoit. The extract read in the video starts with Krishnamurti asking the question, “Can I be a light to myself?” It is taken from a question and answer meeting at Brockwood Park in 1979. For more information about the Centre, to arrange a visit, or make a booking please go here.

How We Used the Money

We have been able to do many marvellous things thanks to the generous support of those of you who donated to the 2013 Annual Appeal. We want to let you know what the major improvements are. From the Foundation to Inwoods to the Centre and Brockwood Park School, all of Brockwood’s departments have benefited in significant ways.

Now, or Never

In this series of 11 newly released DVDs, Krishnamurti explores the nature of observation and fear and asks whether it is possible to live without constantly registering everything.


Brockwood Park School's Academic Co-Principal outlines his vision for Brockwood’s approach to curriculum, teaching, and learning, calling for sustained attention, inquiry, diligence and wonder.

Centre Weekends and Retreats

Every year, the Krishnamurti Centre organizes a series of themed weekends and study retreats. They provide an opportunity to be in retreat and to delve deeply into specific themes. This year those themes include: a world in crisis, feeling hurt, living without a motive, knowing oneself, and conditioning, to name just a few. Click here for the full list of 2014 themed weekends and study retreats.

Linos Trio

The Linos Piano Trio will perform at Brockwood Park School on the 8th March in a concert that includes pieces by Dvorak and Mozart. Both former Brockwood music teacher Prach Boondiskulchok, and current music teacher Ulrich Eichenauer will play. There is a minimum £20 suggested donation. To reserve a seat or for more information click here.

First Days

Inwoods parents prepared the school for the first day of term and despite all the rain, it was a pleasant surprise to be able to walk from Brockwood to Inwoods under a blue sky, through fresh puddles, and into the rays of sunlight leading us to our small school. Read more about the first days of term.

Open Morning

On Saturday March 8, 2014, prospective students, families, and friends are invited to visit Brockwood Park School to enjoy a guided tour led by current students, and to meet the staff and Co-Principals. There is an option to stay for lunch. To sign up or for more information click here.
Krishnamurti Foundation Trust and Brockwood Park Krishnamurti Educational Centre were established in 1968 as educational charitable trusts. They are now registered as one charity, with the name Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd, and care for and support the activities of the Foundation, Brockwood Park School, The Krishnamurti Centre and Inwoods Small School. For more information about us please visit and follow the link at the bottom of the page to go to different departments.
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