In this edition: Timeless Preservation, Thank You, Rambling, Ode to Brockwood, First Annual Friends Retreat and more
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Summer 2014

Brockwood Park ePost: A quarterly e-newsletter informing you about the work of the Krishnamurti Foundation, Brockwood Park School, the Krishnamurti Centre, and Inwoods Small School.

Timeless Preservation

Why are we here at Brockwood? For most of us the immediate answer is simple – we are here because of Krishnamurti. But is this the whole truth? As we approach three decades since Krishnamurti’s death, more and more of those who come to Brockwood “because of Krishnamurti” have never had the opportunity to meet him. So how is it that Krishnamurti is still able to speak to us so strongly that we are inspired to dedicate a week, a year, ten years of our lives to explore what it means to live the teachings?

Annual Appeal Thank You

Trustee and former Staff Member, Gary Primrose, seen here planting trees by the Pavilions, in this video thanks all those who have generously contributed to Brockwood Park's 2014 Annual Appeal. We have met our goal and are therefore able to take maximum advantage of our matching fund.


Brockwood’s parklands have been created over centuries and offer a striking ornamental patchwork that bewitches at every turn. Take a tour here.


Here, a prospective staff member asks prospective students about their experience visiting Brockwood Park School.

First Annual Friends Retreat

One guest wrote: “It was really a unique experience for me, being the first time in Krishnamurti dialogues, and sharing and participating helped in the journey of looking at oneself.” Read a full report of the first annual Friends retreat here.

Brockwood Ode

Student Ewan Benoit has filmed this visual ode to Brockwood, including some stunning images shot with the aide of a camera mounted on a drone.


A week of summer fun on the beautiful grounds of Inwoods Small School from 11-15 August. For more information and registration please click here.

First Visit

“When I arrived at the Krishnamurti Centre, I found a clean and comfortable room waiting for me. I unpacked and lay down for a rest after my long trip … and that's when it happened. Silence!”
Krishnamurti Foundation Trust and Brockwood Park Krishnamurti Educational Centre were established in 1968 as educational charitable trusts. They are now registered as one charity, with the name Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd, and care for and support the activities of the Foundation, Brockwood Park School, The Krishnamurti Centre and Inwoods Small School. For more information about us please visit and follow the link at the bottom of the page to go to different departments.
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