The Inwoods’ Glorious Mix

By Anne McCluskey, Inwoods parent

To mark the end of the school year at Inwoods the whole community (teachers, pupils and their families) gathered together for the summer camping celebration.

People arrived throughout the very hot afternoon to pitch their tents and then assembled outside the Oak House where the children sang, recited and performed their own plays on the deck of the Oak House; a fun, entertaining experience and a lovely opportunity to witness how the children are developing their confidence and skills.

Dinner was next - an exciting event in itself, where we all shared delicious food prepared by one another and could sit and relax and chat and once again savour the Inwoods’ Glorious Mix.  

This year we danced together; adults and children joined in a fabulous circle, weaving in and out and sharing genuine joy and laughter amid the trees and flowers on a beautiful summer’s evening. At the bottom of this article you can see some photos of the dance.

And then there was our campfire where we could gather and share music and songs until we were ready for bed.

I love these celebrations. I love that we were still there in the morning and able to sit and relax in the sun together (and enjoy Vincent’s pancakes). I think we all love these celebrations and the chance to experience, and be part of, the Inwoods’ Glorious Mix.