How We Used the Money: Brockwood’s 2013 Annual Appeal

We have been able to do the following marvellous things thanks to the generous support of those of you who donated to the 2013 Annual Appeal:

For the Krishnamurti Foundation:

Foundation Staff at Work
  • Support for the Foundation has helped make available more than 66 MP3s and over 300 DVDs! We’ve also been working on translations and subtitling, released new videos on YouTube, and have added new material to the JKO website and organized a weekend conference for International Krishnamurti Committee members.
  • Right now, all efforts are going towards the new all-foundations website. We hope to launch it in the summer of 2014.
  • In 2013 we attended the following book fairs:
    • The London Book Fair, April.
    • Moscow International Book Fair, September.
    • Frankfurt International Book Fair, October.
    • Tunis International Book Fair, October.

In addition we signed 30+ book contracts in 2013, in 11 languages.

For Inwoods Small School:

  • At Inwoods Small School we were able to purchase new classroom materials including Montessori mathematics equipment and word boxes to help foundation maths, reading and writing skills.
  • We are in the planning stages of building a new covered outdoor space at Inwoods Small School. Drawings have been created and we are hoping to start building this spring or early summer.

For The Krishnamurti Centre:

  • In the Krishnamurti Centre we have begun to replace curtains in the guest rooms.
  • We are replacing some of the chairs in the Centre rooms.
  • A new fountain for the Centre courtyard is currently being carved by a stone carver.

For Brockwood Park School:

  • Donations to the bursaries fund mean that we will be able to support students to come to Brockwood who would otherwise not have been able to. Watch a short video with Co-Principal Adrian Sydenham and students here:

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  • We refurbished Brockwood Park School’s Garden Classrooms. These new classroom are now active, cutting edge, vibrant learning spaces with multiple stations for learning and teaching.
  • The Cloisters accommodation has been outfitted with new windows, making it more energy efficient and the rooms quieter.
  • We have also been able to replace a defective boiler and heating system in the Cloisters.
  • With the Pavilions completed we were able to furnish them so that staff and students could move in. This was a major item and a lot of the “where most needed” funds went here.
  • General School refurbishment completed included tiling showers, repair and painting of the kitchen roof, plus the sitting room roof and windows, and resurfacing the dining room floor.
  • We worked on the School’s main kitchen and purchased much needed kitchen equipment as well as furniture and fittings.
  • Due to increased pressure on our laundry we added a new washer and dryer.
  • Finally we did some much-needed work on the exterior walls of Brockwood’s West Wing.

We wish to again thank all of you who so generously helped Brockwood by donating to our very successful 2013 Annual Appeal. See this video for a personal thank you message from Bill Taylor, Development Director.

We launched our Annual Appeal in May with the aim of trying to raise £100,000 for the four Brockwood departments (The Krishnamurti Centre, Inwoods Small School, the Krishnamurti Foundation, and Brockwood Park School). In August, with still two months to go to the deadline we had already reached our target of £100,000, which meant that we received an additional £300,000, thanks to a generous donor who had offered to treble any donations up to a total of £100,000.

Our goals were to support the Foundation so that it would be able to continue to release DVDs and MP3s, as well as do the important work of digitizing tapes; support Inwoods Small School with its outdoor covered space for meals, play and instruction; support the Krishnamurti Centre with a new courtyard fountain as well as new curtains and chairs for the rooms; and support Brockwood Park School with bursaries funds, updated classrooms and improvements to the Cloisters accommodation.

As you can see, we made tremendous progress towards our goals and were able to meet many additional needs!

A heartfelt thanks to all of you who have helped us to make sure that we can continue to preserve and make available Krishnamurti’s teachings to a wide audience, give students of all ages and backgrounds a chance at a transformative education, and make available the Centre, an extraordinary space for inquiry and contemplation.

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