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Inwoods Small School

The child’s natural curiosity, the urge to learn, exists from the very beginning and surely this should be intelligently encouraged continually, so that it remains vital and without distortion… Learning is facilitated when there is an atmosphere of happy affection and thoughtful care.
Krishnamurti, On Learning

The School

Situated in two converted barns on a two-acre woodland site, Inwoods Small School offers a real alternative for the education of children aged from 5 to 11 years. Created twenty years ago by parents who were Brockwood Park School staff members as a nursery school for their own children, Inwoods has grown into an enthusiastic small primary school with a full-time staff of four teachers and a maximum of only 45 pupils. The children come mainly from local areas, on a weekly or part-weekly basis. They are taught in small groups in a way that pays full attention to their strengths, needs and interests, encouraging their curiosity and appetite for discovery.

The Aims

Inwoods encourages children to become self-motivated, to think for themselves, to develop an awareness of others and to work at their own pace. The purpose of the School is to create an environment for learning to happen, free from competition or pressure. Staff and children learn from and with each other in an atmosphere of affection and trust.

Daily Life

The children’s day begins with a 20-minute walk from Brockwood Park School, along a woodland road to Inwoods. The school week offers literacy, numeracy, science, humanities, nature study, art and craft, sports, music and a range of creative activities. Space is given to group discussion, solo time, self-directed activities and projects, and being silent together. There is also plenty of opportunity for children to play freely in the grounds. Children are provided with a healthy snack at break time and a vegetarian lunch three days a week.

Good Relationships

Inwoods places considerable emphasis on mutual respect and understanding in relationships with each other and with the world around us. The children play together and are encouraged to work cooperatively, sharing in the chores and the meals and the challenges of living and working together, like a big family. The close involvement of parents and staff, and their support in the form of time, energy and special skills, have made the School into a thriving small community, and keep the link between home and school open and vital.

With your support Inwoods will be able to
  • provide bursaries to pupils
  • maintain the buildings and upkeep of the grounds
  • offer field trips and excursions that broaden the children’s understanding of the world
  • employ specialist teachers e.g. in music, science, bush craft, yoga, special needs

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