A New Bus for Inwoods School

Inwoods is very happy to start the year with its own 14-seat minibus, thanks to a generous donation. The story of how this donation happened began with letters about the importance of children having direct close communion with the natural environment. Inwoods is fortunate to be surrounded by woods and beautiful countryside, but there are also roads to navigate and farmland to pass through to explore the natural features of England. Having a minibus provides the possibility to explore landscapes beyond our immediate vicinity, so we can be spontaneous in our planning to head further afield when the weather permits.

We are also keen to explore overnight excursions for our older children who are now eager and confident enough to spend longer periods away from home and meet the challenges involved in meeting the larger world. Last term we spent three days living at an organic farm. This visit made it obvious that the children derived great benefit from it, which confirmed that having transportation for such trips would further their education in a very good way.

The New Bus